Synanceia Verrucosa or Pesce stone

Latin name
Common name
Fish stone
Principle 30 cm.
Values of the water
Temp. 26/30 Densit 1018/1022 PH 8.4

Splendid, strangest fish pertaining to the family of the Scorpenidi, or, second some authors, to the own family of the Synanceidi; endemic in all the Red Mar, the Indian ocean and the Pacific ocean; relatively sociable, adapted to the cohabitation with nearly all the other fish of barrier purch of large ransom and with its similar ones.
Sturdy, heavy body, fins ridottissime, used devout like legs for the movements on the madrepore that in order to swim, mouth much large one, protratti them, small and little obvious eyes; on the back the beams of the dorsal fin are equip you of velenifere glands.
Changing livery much of color, characterized from the possibilit camouflage to change color according to the bottom on which it parks the fish; to times on the insediano skin the alghe, to perfect the mimetismo.

Much difficult one to acclimatize, would be advisable to acquire exemplary gi perfectly acclimatizes to you and accustoms to you to feed itself with prede dead women; once very acclimatized it eats voracemente but exclusively pesciolini it deeps freeze to you.
It does not need of a large bathtub, in how much it swims least, gladly preferring to stretch its ambushes on the bottom of the Aquarius or in the gorge of one madrepora.
Little resistant to the diseases, it suffers also for the excessive values from nitrates and phosphates, are therefore advisable frequent partial changes with sifonatura of the bottom, treatments with ozone and regular additions of oligoelements and vitamins.
Absolutely not adapted to the Aquarius with fish of small ransom or invertebrates which gamberetti, in how much if it feeds some gladly.


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