Tubipora Music - T. Hemprichi or Corallo to organ dog

Latin name
Tubipora Music - T. Hemprichi
Common name
Coral to organ dog
Principle 60 cm. In Aquarius 10/15 cm.
Values of the water
Temp. 24/27 Densit 1022/1024 PH 8,4

Colonial Antozoo small of the order of the Stoloniferi, coming from from all tropical the tropical seas and sub but especially from the Red Mar and the Indian ocean.
Sessile, shape colonies from the globular cliff aspect of splendid color a red one steals.

Every single individual, forming the colony, along little devout of a centimeter and equipped of one small crown of tentacles, white men or verdolini, little urticanti, it secerne a limestone, smooth tube, without segmentazioni n gangliari rooms, n radial septa of support of the woven ones, from which fuoriesce only the apex part.
The colony composed very many of these small tubes, dipped in the common mesoglea, re-united from cross-sectional bridges produced from the cenosarco in order to allow the communication between the cavit gastrovascolari of the single individuals, in such way from somigliare to organ dogs.

Only the advanced part of the colony living, while in the inferior layers the cenosarco it degenerates and it remains only the limestone skeleton of color red steal ignited, for the presence of knows them of iron in organic compounds.
In danger case the small polipi withdraw the crown quickly to tentacolare to the inside of the small tube.
In Aquarius it prefers to be arranged in a light water current, sufficente to move the part sweetly to tentacolare of the individuals, in such way that remove the products of refusal secreti from the same ones, but much fort not to annoy and to make ritrarre the small polipi; also necessary one zone with one optimal lighting system, best if obtained with linear fluorescent lamps with coloration of 10.000 K. or advanced or with lamps HQI.

In nature the colony finds the greater part of its sostenamento in the simbiosi with alghe the Zooxantelle present in the cenosarco; in Aquarius better to integrate such diet with of the sprayed ones of microplancton, frozen-dry or dept freeze, directly on polipi the estroflessi of the colony.
It suffers for the presence from nitrates and phosphates, in the which case the colony appears found it hard, little inclined to completely estroflettere the single individuals but also for the presence of alghe filamentous greens, that they could reach to suffocate the colony.

They are advisable frequent and abundant changes of the water with sifonatura of the bottom, the use of knows them of optimal qualit nonch regular oligoelement additions, bioelementi, Soccer and Strontium solubilizza you.
E' important to observe in the purchase that the limestone, full foot of gorges, does not contain small granchi or other dangerous intruders.
For all these reasons and the fact that an invertebrate subject to the limitations dictated from the C.I.T.E.S. it would have to only figure in the Aquarius of invertebrates of devout ones that expert acquariofilo.


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