Distorted Xenia or X. Umbellata or Xenia

Latin name
Distorted Xenia - X. Umbellata
Common name
Principle cm. In Aquarius cm.
Values of the water
Temp. 24/27 Densit 1022/1024 PH 8,4

Colonial Antozoo of the order of the Alcionacei, endemic in all the area of the oceans Indiano and Pacific; tenuamente colored but a lot striking, unfortunately much delicate one; the many variet imported above all distinguish for the light different colorations the une from the others.

Completely you deprive of a limestone skeleton, this Antozoo forms a colony in which pu distinguishing a zone to tree log shape, it dictates "conenchima" from which the small are circulated polipi, long and thin, final ogniuno with a encircled small stoma from eight piumati tentacles.
The conenchima main usually of color yellow clearly, with glares rose or verdolini, the single individuals are instead of variable color from the red one to the rose to the green, to iridescenti times, because of the alghe simbionti, Zooxantelle, that they live in their inside.

Absolutely pacific and inoffensive an invertebrate that pu to be raised without problems of cohabitation in an Aquarius of barrier of comunit, with all the other invertebrates and calm and pacific fish.
The continuous one pulsare of the polipi indicates the need of continuous a reciprocation of the water; for this reason the colony must be arranged in one zone interested from one strongly current, and strongly illuminated, preferibilmente with lamps to cold light, 10,000 K. and beyond.

It does not need of a particular feeding in how much the alghe present supply to the nutriment, eventually one sprayed of plancton frozen-dry or dept freeze pu to serve to integrate the alimentary requirementses.
Antozoo delicate and difficult to acclimatize themselves, much sensitive one to the presence in the water of refusal substances, nitrites, nitrates and phosphates; they are therefore advisable an optimal filtering, is biological that mechanic, one strongly aereazione, you attend and abundant partial changes with sifonatura of the bottom and regular oligoelement additions, bioelementi and soccer.
For these reasons an invertebrate the whose maintenance indicated for acquariofilo gi expert and a much patient.


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