Althernanthera reineckii


family : Amarantacee
Origin: South America
Water: 20/25
Ph: neutral
Light: abundant
Photo: Alternanthera reineckii var. lilacina

Elegant plant with long stalks until 30 cm and red lanceolate leaves.

It demands unabbondante and intense lighting system and constants fertilizations made up of iron and microelements, best if somministrati in liquid shape.

Indispensable also lapporto of CO2.

And between beautiful the devout plants in Aquarius, but equally demanding and often victim of algali proliferations if the parameters dellacqua are not optimal.

He multiplies himself easy for apex talea, cutting the tops of the plant in portions of 5/10 cm, allows the creation us of driven in bushes avoiding also that the stalks are undressed for loss of the leaves base them.

In opportune phase of piantumazione to distance the single steles debitamente so that every plant receives the just one quantit of light.

we thank the situated one for the realization of this card