Amphilophus citrinellus

Family: Ciclidi

Origin: South America


Imposing ciclide south American, pu to catch up considerable dimensions (25/30 cm) and therefore indispensable to arrange of an Aquarius at least 200 clean liters that to concur to accommodate of one brace.

The particularly obvious sexual dimorfismo in the adult males who introduce unaccentuata swell on the forehead; the females are generally devout small.

They love to dig a lot and to shelter themselves in their lair.

It would be opportune to prepare lacquario with fine sand, abundant woods of torbiera, cliffs without alive chines saldamente berthed to the bottom of the bathtub.

The plants can be a problem since this ciclide loves rivoluzionare larredamento just piacimento.

Much sturdy one and poured them in order us that it regards the values dellacqua, even if always better to maintain these parameters within medium values (ph neutral, temperature 24/25).

And fundamental that limpianto of filtration most efficient, always clean and is equipped of one powerful pump for a good movement dellacqua.

The Amphilophus citrinellus pu to be fed with the normal schools pellet for large ciclidi. It does not scorn gamberetti, pesciolini and verdure.

Alleccessiva attention feeding perch this ciclide, perennially hungry person, easy stretches to fatten.


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