Anubias barteri


Family: Aracee
Origin: Africa
Water: 25
Ph: acid
Light: normal school
Photo: Anubias barteri var. dwarf

And one of the sturdy and diffuse plants devout in acquariofilia (Anubias above all barteri dwarf).

Slow and linconveniente increase of being preda of covers of alghe greens often has one.

A lot indicated like plant epifita on woods or cliffs.

As all the plants sciafile do not tolerate the intense and directed light that cause in short time the appearance of alghe on the leaves.

It is preferred to use it in the less luminous zones dellacquario or posizionandola near plants to wide leaf like the Echinodorus.

The appearance of alghe pu easy being eliminated dipping for little minuteren the piantina (the single aerial part with exclusion of the roots) in one water solution and candeggina in the 19:1 relationship, rinsing abundantly before ricollocarla in Aquarius.

we thank the situated one for the realization of this card