Apistogramma cacatuoides

Photo of Maurizio Nicosia

Family: Ciclidi

Origin: South America


Small and amazonian striking ciclide, the males introduce one splendid livery with fins pronounced tail ridges and much, the females are devout small with one livery tending to the yellow.

They can be accommodates to you in relatively small Aquarius, but it would be better to offer they wide spaces for the swim.

And opportune to hold a single male with three or four females.

Like all ciclidi amazonian the much sensitive allinquinamento dellacqua that it must be absent from nitrites and with nitrate values many bottoms.  

For much thought time that for a corrected breeding it was indispensable unacqua neutral or leggermente acida.

Recent verifications in the biotopi of belongings have demonstrated as these ciclidi leggermente prefer alkaline values also (pH 7,5 and kh also rather elevated (until 13/14 dh).

Lacqua must be rich of oligoelements and umici, useful acids the filtrations with torba or laggiunta of prepare umici liquids to you.

Lacquario must be rich of vegetation with woods of torbiera and some absolutely not limestone stone.

And ciclide a much beautiful one, having Aquarius of remarkable dimensions, pu to be accommodated with Discus or small caracidi.


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