Family: Aponogetonacee
Origin: Madagascar, India, Malaysia
Water: 20/25
Ph: neutral or leggermente acid
Light: intense purch diffused
In the photo: Aponogeton boivinianus

Plant much beautiful one but ages them. It demands a period of rest of approximately three months after larco vegetativo, after which it loses the leaves that stretch marcire.

And opportune to leave to rest the bulb in fresh and humid place for two months approximately and subsequently supplying ripiantar it in the Aquarius.

And a typical solitary plant, demands space very in order to allow the leaves to expand themselves and to fluctuate in all their beauty.

It is suggested to use it in wide and high Aquarius not less much than 45 cm.

The variet madagascariensis sure between devout the beautiful ones, but also devout the demanding one as far as light, that it must be intense.

Fundamental, for all the variet, a rich substrate of nourishing cultivation that comes assimilates to you for via radical mostly.

Periodic fertilization of the substrate with compressed or sticks to slow cession is suggested also one.

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