Astronotus ocellatus

Family: Ciclidi

Origin: South America


Imposing ciclide amazonian.

In Aquarius it catches up (and it easy exceeds) i 30/40 cm and therefore obvious one that who wanted to attempt in its breeding dovr to arrange of bathtubs at least 150 clean liters.

And an untiring with only similar own predator and therefore pu to share lacquario or others ciclidi of the same ransom.

In this case the bathtub dovr to exceed the capacit of 200 clean liters.

Like all the ciclidi amazonian, in order to respect its necessit bi sogner to guarantee conditions chemistries dellacqua similar to those of the biotopo of belongings: ph tendentially neutral, temperature 24/26.

Adapted however to leggermente various values.

LAstronotus needs of constantly cleaned up water, bisogner therefore to decide of a system leaking in perfect efficiency, what not always easy with siderata lelevata quantit of compounds it nitrogenizes (residual excrements to you and of food) that they are accumulateed in the dellacquario bottom.

They give to dulti they are not absolutely aggressive, even if raises to you singularly.

They often establish with the breeder a true one and just r friendship contribution, to such point to recognize the hand of who them nutre.

Lalimentazione a problem being does not prevail onnivoro, even if ntemente opportune not to yield to the incessant demands for food.

The sexual dimorfismo is emphasized in ese adult mplari, in which the males they introduce appuntite devout fins.

The spectacular red livery of the young individuals stretches with time to disappear.

I exist not variet albinos and color bronze.


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