Photo of Maurizio Nicosia

Family: Ciclidi

Origin: Lago Malawi [ Africa ]

In the photo: Aulonocara maleri


Wonderful ciclide of the Malawi lago, it is lend optimally for being raised in Aquarius of comunit monotemati to us.

Pu to be accommodated with with Pseudotropheus and Labidochromis purch has to disposition an Aquarius at least 150/200 clean liters.

The Aulonocara is demonstrated to times aggressive in the own comparisons of the similar ones, for every male they would have in any case to be present 3 or 4 females.

It catches up the dimensions of 12 cm approximately.

As for all the ciclidi dellAfrica it orients them, lacquario dovr to be equipped of several cliffs.

The plants are not indispensable and however they are absent in the biotopo of belongings, wanting some however to insert sar opportune to choose plants that are lend to grow like epifite on the cliffs (Anubias dwarf, Microsorum).

Lacqua must have ph a leggermente alkaline with one medium hardness.

Generally that one of the tap is lend very well purch dealt with biocondizionatore at least 24 hours before its uses.

Indispensable unaccurata and periodic pulizia of the dellacquario bottom.

And appreciate one light turbulence of the surface dellacqua.


we thank the situated one for the realization of this card