Balantiocheilus melanopterus

Family: Ciprinidi

Origin: Asia


Original fish of the Asian east south (Thailandia, Malaysia and Indonesia).

Conosciutissimo with lappellativo of squaletto, this ciprinide of easy adaptation to the devout ones varied environmental conditions them.

It is lend optimally to being accommodated in bathtubs of comunit with with others ciprinidi, but also in groups of 5 or 6 exemplary.

Generally of rather calm nature, even if because of its dimensions (pu easy to catch up i 25/30 cm) would be opportune to accommodate it in long Aquarius at least a meter.

The not determining composition dellacqua for breeders of this fish, even if the neutral values are always from advising, like pure one temperature of 25/26.

The changes dacqua I can be carries out to you using that one of the tap (with laggiunta of a good biocondizionatore) eventually miscelata with 50% of water from osmosis.

Lacquario must rich be furnished with woods of torbiera, not limestone cliffs and sturdy plants.

Particular attention goes mail in the case in which a skillful jumper decides itself to accommodate this ciprinide in bathtubs without cover poich.


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