Family: Ciprinidi

Origin: Asia


They re-enter in this kind various species of pesciolini coming from dallAsia.

They are sturdy and resistant, ideal fish much in order to begin preparing an Aquarius of comunit.

All the Barbus love to swim and therefore it would be well not to relegate them in small Aquarius.

Fastest and voraci, they turn out to times rather bites to us with fish with veil fins (Guppy, Scalari, Barge), or with fish discs of a valve like the Discus.

Lideale would be to raise of one dozen, also of several species, in dedicated, rich an Aquarius to they of plants and some root in order to hide.

Most adaptable in fact of water and temperatures, pu to be raised with happening using of the normal water of tap with laggiunta of an optimal biocondizionatore.

The temperature pu to oscillate between 22/28, but to refer well to medium values.

It does not have particular requirements in food fact.

Pu to be an ideal companion for other Asians us like Botia and Trichogaster (in sufficiently wide and rich Aquarius of vegetation).

I have begun with these fish, in alternative to the usuals poecilidi, with great satisfactions.


we thank the situated one for the realization of this card