BLACK MOLLY (Poecilia sphenops)




The Black original Molly of Mexico.

And a poecilide ovoviviparo most diffuse between it gets passionate to it to you acquariofili of all the world.

Easiest to raise, it does not have particular requirements as far as composition dellacqua (ph 7.5; temperature 25/27) and therefore a lot indicated for the principiante.

Lover of the rich Aquarius of fluctuating vegetation also, a great divoratore of alghe that he browses from the leaves of the plants and the furnishings.

Pacific and much prolific one pu to be accommodated calmly in Aquarius of comunit purch in company of fish of the same dimensions and with same requirements.

And particularly subject to attacks of ictiofiriasi (dots white men) that they can easy be prevented with one constant and taken care of dellacquario hygiene.

It loves very eats to rich base spirulina vegetable to me.

Dimensions 7 cm

Spread: Mexico

Sexual Dimorfismo: The males are devout supplies of gonopodio and can have developed the dorsal fin; the females are devout large

Feeding: All the types of food, in particular of origin vegetable; alghe
Breeding: Enough easy  

Type of reproduction: Vivipara
Reproduction in Aquarius: Easy


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Water Medium hardness values; a teaspoon of knows them every 5 liters of water, important not to put it if in the Aquarius they are present similar fish of deep type corydoras aenus and... also they are pulitori "sturdy" and often she advises also to the first crews, but with she knows them... they die indeed in little time!

Temperature 24

Compatibilit Good Motilit All the levels of the bathtub


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