GOLDEN CARANGIDE (Gnathodon speciosus)


Classification Class bony Fish, Perciformi order, Carangidi family
Along until 1 m in nature
Geographic distribution Red Mar, the Indian ocean and the Pacific ocean

This graceful fish that inhabits the seas moderates to you and tropical it is kept, in kind, along the coasts or in prossimit of the coralline barriers, nourishing itself of every type of aquatic animal. It loves to gather with other similar ones to form great benches, in which the individuals are between they many neighbors without moreover to touch itself. Frequently for, especially the avannotti, they establish a relationship tightened with some jellyfish. They keep themselves to the shelter of the urticanti tentacles of these animals, from which only go away in order to try food. It seems also that they follow the squali and other large fish in order to nourish itself of the rests of their meal: fish and plancton macrocospic.


. Il   carangide gilded it has body of color golden and immediately recognizable for the black bands that cross it dallalto towards the bottom. These bands are in kind from eight to ten and change of width and color with let. In the exemplary young people, in fact, they are much devout wide and showy that in the adults; in the old exemplary, instead, much devout they are attenuated. Characteristic Unaltra of these fish that one of being unprovided of teeth and to carry on sides of the body, along the lateral line, one series of squame hard, armed with one thorn.



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The fish of this family have valuable meats much for which they represent one preda ambita for the underwater fishermen. They are excellent swimmers and much resistant, they often move also up sea. They are rather than pacific nature, but from young people they only can be held without problems in normal Aquarius