From the scientific point of view these fish are of the variet of the Carpa (Cyprinus carpio).

Even if they are similar the common red Fish very, grow of devout and they have a single barbel to two sides of the mouth. I Koi, traditionally, has been selects to you for being watches to you from the high, cio while they swim in one pool or a small lake.

This due to the fact that in their country of origin, Japan, is a lot appreciates to you like fish holding in smalls lake of giardini.Sono the uniforms in variet monocolors, bicolored and multicolors and are distinguished moreover for the various development of flakes. Some have little large flakes but (Doitsu); in others they Koi they seem of the pigne (Matsuba); other anchor has to them much large and of metallic aspect (if gilded, the variet is called Kin-rin; if silverplated, Gin-rin).

Exceptional exemplary can catch up a meter of length and a value trades them of some million.


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Only the young people can be held in an Aquarius to the closed one. When a Koi exceeds i 15 cm, bathtub would have to be put in one all.aperto, its ideal habitat. If during the winter months the pond risks to ghiacciarsi, opportune that has a profondit of 1,5-2 meters, cos to concur with the fish to survive and to svernare tranquillamente.Si they reproduce easy in the bathtubs from garden. Some breeders collect their eggs and they make them to schiudere in Aquarius.


Dimensions Until 25 cm the young people
Sexual Dimorfismo
The males introduce wedding tubercoli on the fins chest straps; the females are devout large
All the types of food
Type of reproduction
Eggs scattered on the substrate
Reproduction in Aquarius


Water does not demand particular conditions; very leaked

Temperature From 0 to 20

Single Compatibilit with exemplary of the same species  

Motilit All the levels of the bathtub