Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum

Family: Ciclidi

Origin: South America


And ciclide a particularly beautiful but rather demanding American because of detached its territorialit.

He catches up the maximum dimension of approximately 12/13 cm, purch he comes raised in spaziosi and rich Aquarius of hiding places.

The characteristics dellacqua are not particularly determining, even if opportune not to discostarsi remarkablly from those typical ones of the biotopo of belongings: ph 7, temperature 25/26, medium hardness.

Unfortunately not always easy to make it to cohabit with other fish, even if I have been able to verify that in wide Aquarius of comunit (always and only with others ciclidi of the same ransom) laggressivit stretches to grow fainter.

The reproduction of this wonderful not difficult fish on condition that stable brace is succeeded to form one.

The devout males have generally of tonalit of color clearly and the appuntite remarkablly devout fins.

And indispensable that the leaking system is always clean and in perfect conditions.

The nigrofasciatum particularly sensitive to is elevated nitrate concentrations.


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