Colisa lalia

Photo of Maurizio Nicosia

Family: Anabantidi

Origin: Asia


Most elegant anabantide coming from from Asia.

The striking males are a lot with liveries spiccatamente emphasized regarding those of the females that introduce, instead, discharged colors.

As all the anabantidi are equip you of the maze, an organ that concurs they to breathe air from the external surface.

They are docile and afraid fish that love Aquarius with driven in vegetation, also fluctuating.

And opportune to reserve equally calm companions of bathtub like Neon, Rasbore or other small ciprinidi.

It needs of neutral values dacqua and temperature of approximately 25/26, also adapting itself to leggermente various conditions.

And much sensitive allinquinamento from reduced nitrite and nitrate also in quantit.

Much pretty, but little striking, also the variet sota and wrapped.


we thank the situated one for the realization of this card