Condylactis species or Sea anemone white woman of the sand

Latin name
Condylactis species
Common name
Sea anemone white woman of the sand
Principle 30 cm. In Aquarius 10/15 cm.
Values of the water
Temp. 24/27 Densit 1022/1024 PH 8,4

Antozoo hermit of the order of the Actiniari, coming from from the Mar of the Caribbeanses.
It introduces a smooth or hardly rugoso, along, large, obvious foot, often partially or completely buried in the sand, of color white man or grayish Havana.
Boccale disc much obvious one, risen from the base of the crown of the tentacles; crown of the tentacles relatively small with the short tentacles, of conical shape, with the tips tapered, of color Havana, yellow or turchese, traslucidi and opalescenti.
Much sturdy one, for being an invertebrate, a lot adapted to the Aquarius of comunit with invertebrates and fish of small largeness, preferibimente Amphiprion or Pomacentrus; wishing little light, one arranges in devout gorges oxen of the Aquarius.

Onnivoro, nutre of all that it arrives us to capacity of its urticanti tentacles, chip ax is mangime dry in grains, is dept freeze or frozen-dry; if much large this anemone pu to be nourished also with pezzeti of fish or polpa of cozza supports to you delicately on the crown of the tentacles.
It does not have particular requirements, regarding the average of the other invertebrates, as far as the chemical values of the water, that it must be only very leaked and areata, however advisable are added of oligo and bioelementi.
For all these reasons indicatissimo and indeed would not have to never lack, in the Aquarius of barrier with invertebrates of the principiante.


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