(rerio Brachydanio)

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Class Osteitti
order Cypriniformes
family Cyprinidae
Kind Brachydanio
Species rerio

  Ours pesciolino it takes its name from Dhani, than a localit of Bengal, India, where they were fishes you for before the time. the term with which it comes called of usual and cio zebrato fish the drift from its coloration that as it is looked at in the formed photos they give of strisce the blue horizontals on silver-plated background. the danio along from the 5 to the 6 centimeters shape a lot streamlined and the mouth turned towards the high to indicate to us that in Aquarius they will occupy the advanced layer of the bathtub.

And a species ovipara, allevabile and easy riproducibile in Aquarius, best if in groups at least 5 individuals waves to avoid that they become aggressive or timid excessive. they have need of a water to approximately 24-28 C with pH neutral or insufficient nitrate concentrations,e the timer of the lights must make so that they have 13 hours of light and 11di buio so as to to respect theirs fotoperiodo. if very held sar easy riprodurli, in order to make this it must that in the bathtub there are devout females that males in order to avoid crashs and that the bottom of the same one is covered of biglie or material from more rather rough bottom so that once placed the eggs these are threaded between are known or the biglie preventing also to the same parents to eat them. In the Aquarius moreover it must that there is much vegetation that beyond absorbing nitrates from also the possibilit to the avannotti to hide.                           


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