DISCUS   (Symphysodon discus )  


And the king of every Aquarius and the dream of every acquariofilo.

Coming from from the affluents of the River of the Amazons, to twisted thought a fish difficult to raise.

For years be considered classified unesperienza to little elect ones, but intensive breeders of the last years has refuted this task.

The species wild is undoubtedly devout demanding of those domestic servants who please themselves of medium values dacqua: ph 6.5/7; Kh 3; temp. 28.

Theirs necessit change remarkablly if we decide to make to reproduce them.

In this case the temperature dovr to be increased to 30/31, lacqua dovr to be absolutely lacking in nitrites and nitrates and with ph an acid (5.5/6.5).

And fundamental that the Discus has wide space in order to move, rich vegetation and log in order to hide.

Discs of a valve are calm fish rather and and therefore bisogner to avoid to accommodate them with irruenti or dispettosi fish like Barbus.

The bathtubs that accommodate them would have to be at least 150/200 liters, best if still devout great.

The Discus the solitudine suffers much, always convene to hold of a small group of 5/6 in Aquarius adapts to you.

And practically impossible to distinguish the sex in the young exemplary, like also difficult to form forzatamente of the braces.

Bench the Discus today in commerce comes nearly exclusively from reproductions happened in cattivit, to offer always well of the environmental conditions them how much devout similar to those of biotopo of belongings, having particular R-with regard to the members chemistries dellacqua.


Dimensions: 15 cm
South America

Sexual Dimorfismo:
In the females the genital papilla devout them pu to be large
Alive food; carnivorous diet
Reproduction in Aquarius:
Enough difficult
Type of reproduction:
It places eggs on superficial


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Temperature: 28

Water: Acida, values of hardness many bottoms

Compatibilit: It goes held separated from other species of fish

Motilit: All the levels of the bathtub

Particular requirements: To maintain the qualit perfect dell.acqua.  


we thank the situated one in order to have collaborated to the realization of this card