Family: Alismatacee
Origin: America Centers Them
Water: 25/27
Ph: neutral
Light: from moderated to intense
In the photo: Echinodorus bleheri

One of beautiful the devout plants in Aquarius.

Typical plant protagonist, often comes used like substrate for the deposition of discus and scalari.

If cultivated in correct way a lot catches up considerable dimensions forming bushes decorated to you.

Account is always kept in debit the factor increase at the moment dellimpianto in Aquarius.

Piantula of little a cm become enormous indeed nellarco of 6 months.

All the Echinodorus love rich substrates of nourishing substances, developing of the considerable radical apparatuses.

In presence of open Aquarius and with good lighting system much easy one to assist to the closing.

From the fiorali steles temporary plants are developed in short time that can be detached from the plant mother after the appearance of according to pair of leaves.

To fertilize mostly regularly for via radical and somministrare CO2.

we thank the situated one for the realization of this card