Antipyretica Fontinalis


Family: Fontinalacee (mosses)
Origin: boreal hemisphere
Water: 12/14
Ph: neutral
Light: average
In the photo: Antipyretica Fontinalis

Graceful aquatic moss that demand fresh waters and not intense light in order to avoid the development of alghe and limbrunimento of the plant.

It comes often used in the Zen preparations in order to recreate evocative layout.

For the cultivation on cliffs or woods it is suggested to berth it with a thin nylon thread or one hairnet for hats.

And fundamental to maintain lacqua in perfect microparticle conditions, avoiding laccumulo that would end unavoidablly in order to deposit itself on the minute fogliame of the Fontinalis.

Pu to turn out useful luso (with much caution) of a sifone to pass leggermente on the pillows of this moss in order to concur laspirazione of detritus deposits to you.

we thank the situated one for the realization of this card