Gymnocorymbus ternetzi

Family: Caracidi

Origin: South America


Original of Brasi they and of Bolivia, this small caracide one of the devout hosts I am sure diffused of our Aquarius.

It has a rather docile temperament and enunciating socialit, characteristic this that it demands to raise it in groups at least 5/6 exemplary.

The sexual dimorfismo evidenced from one light whitish shading in the tail fin of the male; the female introduces tondeggianti devout fins.

Tolerant in fact of water and pollution, adapted to values also different from those dellhabitat of origin, even if opportune to maintain to the conditions of breeding within the standards demands for the caracidi: ph 6.5/7.5; temperature 24/28; dGH 15/25.

It loves a lot to move with fast and wide releases and therefore it needs of Aquarius develops to you in length devout that in height.

And pesciolino a much resistant one, particularly indicated for the Aquarius of comunit, easy breeding also for the inexpert neophyte devout.


we thank the situated one for the realization of this card