Hasemania dwarf

Family: Caracidi

Origin: South America and Africa


Original small caracide of Brasi them south orients them.

And a typical opportune fish of branco and therefore accommodating of at least a group formed from 6/7 exemplary.

Tolerant Pacific and, pu to be accommodated with to others caracidi, but demonstrates an ideal companion also for Discus.

It loves the driven in vegetation, the light not too much violent and wide spaces for the swim.

It does not have particular requirements in order us that it concerns the composition dellacqua but, like all the caracidi, to maintain the values of the same one within the limits of neutralit (pH the 7 well, kh 5, temp. 26/28).

The sexual dimorfismo not particularly obvious: the males turn out however with one shining coloration devout of the females.


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