Hemichromis bimaculatus

Family: Ciclidi

Origin: Africa


Wonderful ciclide African appreciated for the splendid livery.

The differences between the two seies are not obvious if not during the period of the reproduction.

They have the necessit of being accommodates to you in capienti, rather rich bathtubs than sturdy plants, woods of torbiera and some not limestone cliff.

During the season of the loves these ciclidi become particularly intolleranti and aggressive, reason this that induces lallevatore to accommodate of one brace in an Aquarius to they dedicated, wanting however to try the indispensable reproduction to isolate the brace.

They can share lacquario with others ciclidi of the same dimensions, purch the space is sufficient.

And opportune to maintain the following values dellacqua within limits: ph 7; kh 5; temperature 25/26.

The Hemichromis allinquinamento from nitrites and nitrate is particularly sensitive.

The changes dellacqua will have to be, therefore, attend and constants, the always efficient filtration.


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