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Classification Class bony Fish, Perciformi order, Chetodontidi family
Along from 25 to 60 cm
Geographic distribution
The Atlantic Ocean

The fish HOLACANTHUS Atlantic delloceano lives in coralline reefs of the Caribbeanses and the western and tropical regions. In Aquarius it catches up in kind the ransom of approximately 15 centimeters, while to the free state pu to succeed in to catch up also i 30 cm. This fish appreciated for the particular shape and the colors much lives and the beautiful approaches to us much. And a fish a lot. compressed, whose body forms one disc species with expanded fins dorsal and anale allindietro. The peduncolo of the tail much short, while in ahead the mouth very small escrescenza to spout shape finishes with one.

The young people are of yellow color and have on the back one black spot, blue broadside. In the adults the front part of the body and the tail yellow-are gilded and the black rest; the dorsal fin and the anale are contornate, for, of yellow. Represented characteristic Unaltra from the two small spots of blue color that they mark advancedly and inferiorly locchio.


This fish in nature alive hermit or brace. Since young a territory that then it defends with decision and, if necessary learns to delimit itself just, with every ferocity from other intruder. And one diurnal species, in fact the hidden night alive in the cracks of the barriers. The fish HOLACANTHUS nutre especially of sponges, small crustaceans, alghe and of small anemones of sea. The small of HOLACANTHUS often they follow large fish, completing on they a service of pulizia poich eat you adorned to you attacks you to their skin. This species is acclimatized well in Aquarius, but bad reputation has one poich much often aggressive extension in the comparisons of its similar ones. It is advised to acclimatize it in Aquarius, leaving from exemplary many givani. In cattivit for how much of it I know not still resolutions to riprodursi.


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