Melanochromis auratus

Family: Ciclidi

Origin: Lago Malawi [ Africa ]


Ciclide African of the Malawi lago, along little devout of 10 cm, adapted for Aquarius many capienti because of the enunciated one aggressivit not only infraspecific.

It does not have particular requirements in order us that it regards the composition dellacqua purch is limpid, hard and medium alkaline (ph 7.5/8.5; kh 10/15; temp 22/27).

And a ciclide extremely territorial, it would be therefore opportune to accommodate in the same bathtub a single male with two or three females.

The liveries are different for the male, that it has tendentially dark colors (blue or black), while the adult females introduce the ventre completely yellow.

Like all the ciclidi of the Malawi, it needs of numerous ricavabili gorges from stones and abundant cliffs that must be always a lot if it is decided to recreate the biotopo of belongings.

For opportune lalimentazione to orient itself on eats to me varies and balanced, in ribbons or pellet, purch with component abundant vegetables made up of seaweed spirulina. It appreciate a lot spinaci and bubbled verdure.

And a fish perennially starved that it stretches to fatten. To feed with parsimony.


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