Neolamprologus brichardi

Family: Ciclidi

Origin: Lago Tanganica [ Africa ]


Elegant small and ciclide of the Tanganica lago, rather diffused in acquariofilia for its livery and the facilit of breeding.

It catches up i 10 cm of length.

And a fixed host of the Aquarius of comunit Africans, adapted to the devout cohabitations varied thanks its docilit that he only diminishes during the period of the reproduction.

The not most obvious dimorfismo: the females are devout small and with the appuntite fins less.

Dellacquario Lallestimento must be that typical one of the biotopo of belongings: many cliffs with gorges and small caverns, bottom with fine sand and not much dark one.

Lacqua must be tendentially alkaline (ph 7.5/8.5), with temperatures between 23/26.

If the other hosts dellacquario of comunit concur it, the bathtub pu to be enriched with sturdy and coriacee plants like Anubias and Echinodorus.

Fundamental the partial changes that will have rather to be frequent, in reason of 20% of the dellacquario total dellacqua.

To remember itself to extol lacqua of tap in order at least 24 hours before using it, always adding a good biocondizionatore.

It is fed with normal schools eats in flakes or grains to me for ciclidi.


we thank the situated one for the realization of this card