( Pomacanthus imperator)


Classification Class bony Fish, Perciformi order, Chetodontidi family
Along until 45 cm
geographic tropical Seas

Numerous types of fish exist emperor with unampia variabilit in the colors and the dimensions. Cosi is breeds large devout dwaries who have dimensions of little centimeters and breeds that catches up i 50 centimeters. And exemplary that have uniform coloration pressoch and others are known that instead offer to allosservatore one variet of colors and design fantastically colored.

Often the body of the fish angel emperor covered from lines that can form complex rings of clear color, put in to dark devout lines, with strong variations on the tone of color, shadings and shape in one same copy, during let juvenile and adult. This design allows the fish to camouflage itself well nellambiente in which it lives to the free state and cio in means to corals and the anemones. It has compressed body and a profile that nellinsieme recalls that one of the fish Holacanthus. Both have mouth a lot estroflessa to form one small proboscide

in the photo a young copy


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The fish alive angel emperor on coralline reefs or however on full of rocks coasts, especially where abounds the alghe. In fact a good number of breeds of these fish nutre exclusively of alghe marine, while others are fed also of anemones of sea, sponges, molluschi and small crustaceans.

Similarly to the fish Holacanthus, the fish alive angel emperor hermit or in brace and defends with decision just the territory. The small are much various from the adults and this explains perch a various time they came considers species you.