FISH ARCHER (Toxotes jaculator)

Classification Class bony Fish, Perciformi order, Toxotidi family
Dimensions Along 20-30 cm geographic Distribution southern Asia, Indonesia and Australia

The fish archers live in salate waters, salmastre and cakies, in unarea of spread extended as far as the Asian South-east and lAustralia. Four or five exist species of fish archers, all with bluff body and a lot compressed. The fins dorsal and ventral are placed a lot GO BACK TO LIST, in prossimit of that tail one. The coloration of bottom in clear kind, but a sure number of dark spots comes down from the back towards the ventre; the eyes are large and the jaws protratti them. Although for a long time they are held in Aquarius, to dispetto of the numerous ones tried made to you, resolutions not to make to reproduce them in cattivit. It seems that they are reproduced near the coralline formations; the small migrano then towards sweet waters in order to return in those salmastre from adults.

. Il fish archer a lot appreciated from the acquicoltori for its way particular to capture bugs that they are found to outside dellacqua. It in fact swims to thread dellacqua trying to characterize the possible ones prede, supports on the leaves of the aquatic plants or in flight. At the opportune moment in a position to "shooting a jet dacqua, hitting a bug also to devout of a meter of distance, in order to make it to fall in water where it becomes easy preda.


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These fish are true sharpshooters who do not mistake blow. The jet comes talked nonsense, thanks to the particular shape of the language and the palate that realize one species of tube, through which fuoriesce lacqua, pushed from the repentina closing of the branchial opercoli and from the successive pressure of the language against the palate. Since small the fish archers practice istinctively in this attivit of "sputum that then reveals much profitable one.