Class: Osteitti (Osteichthyes)
Infracalasse: Teleostei ( Teleostei )
Superordine: Osteoglossomorfi ( Osteoglossomorpha )
Order: Mormiriformi ( Mormyriformes )
Family: Mormiridi ( Mormyridae )
Kinds: Mormyrus, Gnathonemus, etc.

Aesthetically unusual the fish elephant has increased recently its popolarit.

Fastly :

the measure:

Until 20 cm


almenno 100 liters

the layers:

The bottom and the center of the bathtub


from 6.0 to 7.5

The hardness:

from normal school to hard

the temperature:

24 26 C

Common name:

fish elephant


Africa centers them, in the river basin of the Zaire river, from the Niger and of Cameroun.

Shape of the Body in a generalized manner:

No fish pu to be confused with the fish elephant. The small and localized Dorsal fin to the end of the body, this to speculate to the anale fin. The main characteristic of our fish pear tree the mouth that prolongeds in ahead giving limpressione of one proboscide, from which the name.


The color pu to go from the dark brown to the black one. There are of the vertical lateral bars and parallels of clear color allaltezza of the dorsal fin. It does not have particular colors, but to astonish above all for its shape and not for the color.

They are you are finds rare exemplary to you albinos.

The maintenance:

The fish elephant is by nature is much timid, therefore they will demand a rich bathtub of vegetation where to be able itself to hide, with a lighting system not too much intense. They will go inserted also of the hiding places type clay tubes or woods of torbiera. They would have alone to be held, perch are enough aggressive. They are mainly nocturnal fish, therefore they will become visible above all when they come extinguished the lights dellacquario. Beyond to the appropriate food, they will go supplied also of the larve of Zanzara and Tubifex. These fish make part of the family of the fish electrical workers, and can emit of the eletriche scariche edeboli. They are much sensitive to qualit dell the water and I have read that in America some drinkable water companies use it like a bore for the purity dellacqua.


waters to slow movement, many submergeeed plants and woods.


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To raise:

Not c se4ssuale dimorfismo, and not if of it they know the riproduttive habits, even if some say that it constructs a floating nest of bubbles.