PULCHER (Pelvicachromis pulcher)

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Previously famous like Pelmatochromis kribensis, this Ciclide of color tawny with a violacea iridescenza or rossastra. On the flanks present one large red spot. During the riproduttivo period the female assumes a coloration piuscura.La reproduction happens in hiding places, to the point that often the brace succeeds that to scompare for some days in order then to come itself some outside from a hiding place together to the hardly been born small. The parents take cure of the prole, that they defend and a lot tenaciously aggressively.


Dimensions 10 cm
Spread Western Africa
Breeding Easy
FEEDING All the types of food; species to mostly carnivorous diet

Sexual Dimorfismo In the males the appuntita dorsal fin and is present spots on the tail one; the females are devout dark devout small and during the riproduttivo period

Reproduction in Enough easy Aquarius

Type of reproduction Places eggs all.interno of hiding places  


No Situated Store or to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:  


Temperature 24

Water Bottoms and means hardness values  

Motilit All the levels of the bathtub

Particular requirements Hiding places