SPINARELLO (Gasterosteus aculeatus)


Classification Class bony Fish, Gasterosteiformi order, Gasterosteidi family
Along 8 cm
Geographic distribution
Europe, Asia and North America

The spinarello diffused in Italy and it lives in all the regions fuorch in Lombardy, Piemonte and in Sicily. Its name must to the fact to possess sturdy spiny beams on the back and the ventre that in order not pungono as you arm with defense: on the back, in particular, also they are erected them; the tail has triangular profile.

The coloration of spinarello the much variable one, for the greater part dellanno of a green color marroncino with silver abdomen much camouflage one, but allepoca of the reproduction the males becomes green blue on the back and red fire on the ventre.

Of this species migratory populations exist but also sedentarie, like the benches that pass linverno on the coasts of the North Sea and to spring they move going back   the rivers, where choose the zones for the deposition of eggs.

The behavior of this fish be a lot studied from numerous etologi for interesting its complessit: at the moment of the courtship the male constructs to a species of nest tunnel on the bottom that he upholsters with aquatic vegetation, held with from one collosa substance, produced from kidneys and deposited with repeated passages of the fish on the nest; he then defends just the nest with fury against whichever possible one avails again.

Endured after that a female places eggs in the place prepared (approximately a hundred), the male emits the sperm for   to fertilize them and subsequently removes also the female. But the eggs do not remain continuously abandoned perch the male that if of it it takes cure, still making circular lacqua in the nest by means of the movement of the fins chest straps, cosi to guarantee a sufficient oxygen contribution. After approximately a ten of days eggs schiudono and the small are born


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