Family: Anabantidi

Origin: Asia

The Trichogaster is of the anabantidi original of the Asian regions (Sumatra, Borneo).

They are docile and rather sturdy fish, love rich Aquarius of vegetation, indispensable for the realization of the nest of bubbles that the male constructs in surface.

They are labirintici fish, cos calls to you for respiratory lorgano, the maze, that it concurs they to breathe air of the external surface.

Although their pacific nature, in tight or too much overcrowded Aquarius, intolleranti in the similar own comparisons of the species if of the same sex are shown.

They can easily be raises in medium bathtubs (70/80 clean liters to you) purch rich of vegetation.

They do not have requirements particular in order us that it regards the chemical composition dellacqua, better to maintain ph neutral and one temperature of 26/27.

They are lend optimally for Aquarius of comunit in which they are present small having fish of pacific nature and possibly the same ones necessit (poecilidi, ciprinidi).


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