Amazon to blue or blue forehead

Amazona Aestiva (Linneo)

one of the devout Amazons is diffused, is between the breeders is between those who possesses a parrot like animal from company. Particularly sociable draft in fact of one species, in a position to learning to speak with facilit and acquiring an immense dictionary.

Strong and compact bird, of advanced ransom to average (37 cm) usually has one coloration of green base with some drawn of yellow color on the ventre. It has a template you make them much marked one blue on the forehead. The zone round allocchio, the sottogola and the throat introduce a beautiful loaded yellow. The wings have red shoulders and red wing mirror to the base of the first five secondary remiganti; the primary remiganti instead are of a viola-blue. The green tail, vanished in yellow.
Locchio has clearly liride orange and lanello perioftalmico. The spout dark gray with dark wax and the not hidden most obvious narici perch leggermente from a po of piumette dark. The legs are grey. The young people are similar to the adults, but they only differentiate for the colors you make them nearly absent and liride brown.


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The life in nature:
And wide diffused, it is numerically that by extension geographic. Predilige the life in the forest is in those primary ones of amazonian type, than those secondary (less driven in ones) but it often comes sighted also in the opened pianeggianti zones to the food search.

And a rowdy parrot, that it emits a strong and continuous callback during the movements and that loves the group life: one moves in fact in great flocks that to the mattino address to you towards the food zones. The braces easy identifiable perch are always joined also in the flight.

Nutre of fruit, berries, seeds, walnuts, buds and flowers.

In the riproduttivo period the braces nest allinterno of hollow shafts and the same nest pu to be used also for many consecutive years. The female places from two to four eggs that come brooded for 28-29 days; the small, independent gi around to the 16-18 weeks, do not abandon the nest before dellottava or ninth week.

Life in cattivit:  
Wide diffused like animal from company, a good speaker and tames itself easy, becoming attached itself tantissimo to just the landladies. The breeders of all the world reproduce this species from many years with bonds turn out to you.

we thank Julia for the realization of this card