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Modern Classification
Famiglie.Loridi (54 species)
Cacatuidi (18 species)
Psittacidi (243 species)


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The greater part of these parrots is rarest and protect in nature, good part is in libert and diffuse in libert and other anchor they are to extinction risk. Nearly totalit of the present Amazons today they are in devout the four commerce belongs to species raised (To aestiva, To. ochrocephala, To. amazonica and To. autumnalis) and to their subspecies and nearly all subject are been born in cattivit.

The life in nature

The parrots (comprised Amazons) are, in a generalized manner, extremely sturdy and long-lived animals that can easy exceed the 70 of life in cattivit. In any case, the normal life in nature of a parrot is gone around around to the 40-50 years, while that one in cattivit pu prolongedding of one score you damn in devout, less if draft than a subject from reproduction.
These animals from the enunciated one socialit, are able to be not only associated between subjects of the same species but also between various subjects of species, and sometimes, of various families: the large one facilit of contact with luomo explains us also.
Brave onlookers and, too much trust end all the creatures who meet, inasmuch as in nature they have not never had great enemies: here explained the reason of the perch cos easy to capture the free parrots in nature and therefore to provoke of lestinzione.
They very love the zones rich of vegetation and situated near course dacqua, possibly near praterie where they can find seeds of varied kind. In the time much species has known to adapt itself to living also to flank alluomo taking advantage of of the cultivations, but facilitating cos their capture from same part delluomo.
Outside from the riproduttivo period they live in groups (that they have of usual a familiar base) and they move with between the scrub to the food search, constituted from still lattiginose seeds greens or mature, buds, yields, small tarme, bugs, lumachine and berries. Then, when the riproduttivo period arrives, their diet stretches to become rich of proteins.
During the season of the connections the braces, that they remain entirety for the life, isolate and try a log rather situated cable up, where they begin the preparation of a comfortable nest rosicchiando the log and creating a comfortable room of it broods: in the nest in fact, rosicchiati do not carry some material pleasing itself of the light dallalbero layer of trucioli previously. Here the female places the eggs, whose varied number from species to species (of usual, from two to four), and broods them for a period, still variable from species to species, than it is gone around however to the four weeks. To the schiusa, the parents lend assiduous cures to the small that remain in the nest for otto-dieci weeks in wait to exit to the external world. Once escapes from the nest, still depend on the parents for other four, six weeks, dopodich are in a position to nourishing themselves alone. If the brood goes to good aim, the brace not to make others brooded for fine season.
The braces remain joined also outside from the riproduttivo period, when the social life of intense group devout; moreover, if a brace reproduces and raises small in a season, not said that make the same thing in that successive one. To nest in fact, for the parrots one weighted choice: if the alimentary or climatic conditions, or one of the two members not in perfect shape lack in fact, it is sent back to the successive season.
In nature, when a male and a female of ET for laccoppiamento meet themselves, it does not have place a courtship, but a phase where the two are known to vicissitude and remain together for a po. If the two piacciono and are aware to pass the rest of allaltro the together similar life, form the brace; otherwise everyone recommences the devout search of a companion adapted.


Lacquisto and larrivo in house

Before deciding which amazon to acquire, necessary to estimate if an animal from company or a subject from reproduction desires themselves.
If an optimal companion sociable chooses itself like animal from company, lAmazzone, easy to often tame (if taken) and a best speaker young. If possible, it would be better to address directly to a specialistic breeder and to go to take the feathered one when it by now has six or seven weeks of life, and therefore gi raised but not still independent: in fact, to depend on the new breeder for others six weeks, during which bisogner fornirgli three imbeccate to the day (cio introdurgli the food in the spout with unapposita siringhetta) finch comincer to eat alone. In this way, eviter to be acquired expert a too much small subject and therefore to risk if not.

The species

. Alla famiglia degli Psittacidi appartiene, tra gli altri, il genere Amazona, che comprende 27 specie di pappagalli noti come Amazzoni o Amazzonie. . Di seguito riportiamo lelenco completo.
. - Amazona aestiva, con due sottospecie classificate:
- To. . aestiva
- To. . xanthopteryx
. - Amazona agilis
. - Amazona albifrons, con tre sottospecie classificate:
- To. . albifrons
- To. dwarf
- To. . saltuensis
. - Amazona amazzonica, con due sottospecie classificate:
- To. . Amazonica
- To. . tobagensis
. - Amazona arausiaca
. - Amazona autumnalis, con quattro sottospecie classificate:
- To. . autumnalis
- To. . diadema
- To. . liliacina
- To. . salvini
. - Amazona Barbadensis, con due sottospecie classificate:
- B. . barbadensis
- B. . rothschildi
. - Amazona brasilensis
. - Amazona collaria
. - Amazona dufresniana, con due sottospecie classificate:
- D. . dufresniana
- D. . rhodocorytha
. - Amazona farinosa, con cinque sottospecie classificate:
- F. . chapmani
- F. . farinosa
- F. . guatemalae
- F. . inornata
- F. . virenticeps
. - Amazona festiva, con due sottospecie classificate:
- F. . bodini
- F. . festiva
. - Amazona finschi, con due sottospecie classificate:
- F. . finschi
- F. . woodi
. - Amazona guilddingii
. - Amazona imperialis
. - Amazona leucocephala,con cinque sottospecie classificate:
- L. . bahamensis
- L. . caymanensis
- L. . leucocephala
- L. . esterna
- L. . palmarum
. - Amazona mercenaria, con due sottospecie classificate:
- M. . canipalliata
- M. . mercenaria
. - Amazona ochrocephala, con nove sottospecie classificate:
- Or. . auropalliata
- Or. . belizensis
- Or. . natterieri
- . O. . ochrocephala
- Or. . oratrix
- Or. . panamensis
- Or. . parvipes
- Or. . tresmariae
- Or. . xantholaema
. - Amazona pretrei
. - Amazona tucumana
. - Amazona ventralis
. - Amazona versicolor
. - Amazona viniacea
. - Amazona viridigenalis
. - Amazona vittata, con due sottospecie classificate:
- V. . gracilis (estinta)
- V. . vittata
. - Amazona xantholora
. - Amazona xanthops

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