(Amazona Ochrocephala Ochrocephala)




Lamazzone popular yellow forehead probably devout and the famous one between all the Amazons.
They are birds intelligent and intuiti and relatively easy to handle to you. They are very famous for theirs abilit in speaking. The mature birds, particularly the males, can become aggressive. They are relatively common like animals from company and often they are available in the storees of domestic animals. In Nature they are many assets, while in cattivit they could go encounter to obesit due to the insufficient motion and to one diet not balanced.
Lamazzone yellow forehead pu probably living until 50 - 60 devout years or. But exemplary are known that have exceeded a lot this ET.

LAmazzone forehead yellow in nature alive on the coast of Mexico that gives Pacific sullOceano on the Gulf of Mexico and in the Yucatn. Inhabiting the savane, the tropical deciduous forests, the dense forests of the coast, wooded lands and forests, where it nests in cavit of the trees.

Aspect and Character

The Amazons yellow forehead are Amazons relatively large and stocky greens with the entire head colored with piume yellow that extend gi until the shoulders in the adult subjects. The spout of a color rose nail. On the shoulders it introduces of the piume of alive red color. The primary and secondary pens are greens with the blue tips. The piume of the tail they are greens with the yellowish tips greens. The external zone of the tail introduces of the piume red, while the last ones piumette of the thigh are yellow.

The Amazons yellow forehead must always have to they disposition of the giocattoli, the blocks of wood or the coppers that can chew. When free for house we will have to be a lot attention that she does not eat toxic substances or the cables of the current. The young Amazons would have to be socialize facendogli to see much people to you and the voliera goes exposed so that it can see many situations new cos that from adult he becomes sociable and not frights if goes encounter to some stressful situation.

To moreover it goes given the possibilit it to exercise the flight so that it does not fatten.


LAmazzone would have to be fed with the buyable ready food gi in the best ones pet shop. Integrating the diet with of the fresh fruit and the verdure. Because of their tendency to the obesit, lAmazzone yellow forehead would not have to be fed with seeds of sunflower and safflower or seeds they would have to be only given like prize. The vitaminici integrators are not necessary to the birds that they eat preparing of high qualit and that therefore comprises gi all necessary the nourishing substances to their well-being.


Every day these birds go bathe to you with a vaporizzatore and then it leaves you to dry in daria a warm atmosphere and without currents.
In order to avoid that flights via we will have to cut the tip of the pens of one of the two wings being attention not to cut too much, in how much beyond risking to fargli badly we will prevent that when falls its fall can slow down.


The Amazons yellow forehead are many assets and would have to be lodge to you in a great voliera that allows also some short flight it, if we have the possibilit would be well to have some also from outside, so that it can crogiolarsi to the sun when the climate allows it. This voliere would have to be supplied of a cassette nest that allows alluccello to hide in danger case.


No breeding to signal
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The Amazons yellow forehead are enough easy to reproduce.

The riproduttiva season goes from February or placed March to june or luglio.Uova from 2 to 4

The cassette nest must have the indicative measures of 30 x 30 x 50.

The period of incubation of approximately 24 - 26 days.

Period of weaning of the small approximately 60 days.

During the riproduttivo period the males become aggressive and both emit very many vocalize that they can annoy our neighbors of house, therefore if we want to raise this feathered one we keep in mind also this.

Common diseases and disorders

The Amazons yellow forehead are relatively healthy birds.


This species be demanded from Julia Granato .