all the photos of the card are of the magnificent dogs of masutti elisa and emanuele zanusso



Pu not to speak itself about Great Japanese Dog without to insert in the lAkita argument Inu: two breeds today very distinguished, but descendants from the same original stock.
Initially all breeds the canine Japanese were of small or medium ransom, then to leave from the 1600 in the region of Akita Akita Patagi, dogs used in the hunting allorso, came employ to you also in the combats between dogs, cos in order to increase of the tonnage and laggressivit in the 1868 they began to intercross the Akita with Tosa and the Mastiff, being compromised the characteristics spitz.

In the 1908 the combats between dogs were prohibit to you and the Japanese tried to return to the original type, improving the race until becoming a great Japanese race and nine advanced exemplary were declare National Monument to you.
During the second world war for, unordinanza it established the capture of all the dogs in order to resupply lesercito of meat and pellicce, ad.eccezione.del Shepherdesses German, that it was used for military scopes, here the race was put newly to risk extinction if it had not been for some gets passionate to you that they tried to raggirare lordinanza intercrossing lAkita with the Shepherdesses German, that I influence the new race remarkablly determining large orecchie devout, log devout along and black mask.
After the war there were crossings with breeds various that rendered this dog much popular one but they carried to one situation much confused to cause dellesistenza of 3 various types.

However the puristi dellAkita did not recognize in these lines the features dellAkita original and for this they tried to eliminate the blood of breeds strangers in order to return to the pure race, until that this stabilizz nellAkita of great size who we know to the days ours.
The dog of the line Dewa (Akita intercrossed with Mastiff and German Pastore) enjoyed a short but intense moment of Gloria.
They came imports to you in the States where they found endured the favors of the breeders thanks also to their dowries: intelligent and able dogs to adapt itself to disparati devout atmospheres.
This port endured to popolarit of the this wonderful new race.

Not having the possibilit to import new blood lines the discostavano Akita Americans always of devout from those Japanese who continued to being is intercrossed to you with the Patagi in order to reconstruct the pure race originates them.
In 1956 it was founded lAkita Club of America and lAmerica Kennel club accett the race in 1972.
In Italy the distinction between the two breeds happens in 2000, until before both was considers you Akita to all the effects.

General aspect

The Great Japanese Dog and a dog of great ransom, solid constitution, very balanced, with much substance and heavy skeleton.
Triangular the wide head and, with deep snout, relatively small eyes and erected orecchie capacities in ahead nearly online with the back of the neck are characteristic of the race.
The relationship between Height and the length of body 9:10 in males and 9:11 in the females
The profondit of the equal chest to met the dellaltezza of the dog to the garrese
The distance dellestremit of the tartufo to the stop in relationship of 2 to 3 with the alloccipite distance from the stop


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:



Friendly, careful, ready, dignitoso, docile and brave the temperament.


Massiccia but in equilibrium with the body, it deprives of wrinkles when the rilassato subject, the flat and wide skull between the orecchie, with light but a visible one I furrow facade, the stop very defined, the tartufo wide and black, the wide, deep and full snout, the labbra black and not hanging, red language, the powerful and strong squared jaws, with complete set of teeth strongly and to regulate with scissor articulation (tolerated to tenaglia).
The eyes are dark brown, relatively small, not prominenti, of advanced triangular shape nearly leggermente rounded off allestremit. Edges of the black and adherent eyelids.
The well erected and small orecchie in relation to the rest of the head. Shape leggermente rounded off folded in ahead in order measuring of the length lestremit toccher the triangular eyelid superiore.La allestemit, with wide base and junction not too much low. Sights laterally the orecchie are angled in ahead over the eyes, following the line of the neck.


And the often muscoloso neck, like minimal presence of fanoni, relatively short, are increased progressively towards the shoulders, one pronounced crest are founded harmoniously in the base of the skull.


The body devout along that high, thin skin of too much not too much thick of too much floscia, the levelled rump, the very muscoloso back, the wide and deep chest with ribs very you try and developed thorax very, the ventre leggermente retratto.


The endowed tail of hair folto, rolled up high capacity or on the back or the flanks, or hanging under the dorso.Se rolled up the tip very come down along the wide and solid fianco.Attaccatura. Losso finishes them of the tail catches up the garretto if lowered, rough hair, straight and folto without ribbon appearance.


The front ones have solid, heavy and straight skeleton if seen of forehead, the shoulders solid and strong, moderately hanging, pastorali leggermente hanging in ahead with an angle of 15 degrees of the vertical one, the garretti leggermente oblique; the posterior ones are muscolosi, with skeleton similar to the front ones, solid legs and parallels if seen give GO BACK TO LIST, garretti leggermente flessi, to metatarsi do not turn any to you n allinterno allesterno, the spurs usually are removed.


Straight feet, from cat, with solid nails and thick bearings.


The movement with powerful falcate and overhongs moderate to you, the front ones move online with the posterior ones, the back remains strongly firm and levelled.


The hair double, with sottopelo and often soft and external straight, rough hair and leggermente raised; devout short on the head, you leave inferior of the limbs and orecchie, on the long garrese approximately 5cm, devout along that in the rest of the made body exception for the tail where devout along and abundant.
Whichever color admitted like the red one, the fulvo, the white man etc; also macchiettato or streaked. The colors are clear shining and, with spots very distributed, or without template. The subject uniform white men do not have mask. Those spotted ones are of base white woman with uniform diffuse spots that cover beyond a third party of the body. The sottopelo pu to be of various color from the cover hair.


MALES: 66-71cm (26-28 inches)
FEMALES: 61-66 cm (24-26 inches)


Every refuse from brought back how much over must be considered a defect to penalize in function of its gravit
Sexual characters little pronounce to you
Lost weight head or escaping
Lack of teeth (eccettuato 2PMI and/or M3)
Blue language or to black spots
Clear eyes
Elbows revolts allinterno or allesterno
Whichever sign of giogaia or ribbon
Shyness or aggressivit

Serious defects

Little substance
Light skeleton


Nose completely depigmentato. Nose with areas completely depigmentate.
Orecchie falling, hanging or refolded.
Whichever shape of prognatismo.
Inferior height to 63,5 cm (25 inches) for the males, inferior to 58,5 cm (23 inches) for the females.

N.B. . I maschi devono avere i testicoli di aspetto normale completamente discesi nello scroto.

for the realization of this card and the photos of their magnificent dogs we thank
masutti elisa and emanuele zanusso


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