List of dog breeds

Stammlager di Bezeichnung in the Wohsen (Germany)

Innocent victims, executioners, dogs take advantage of to you.


Arming to Priests an expert conoscitore with the German Dog from Shepherdesses, an associate SAS and SV, and breeder from devout of trentanni.
And he that some touching have brought back me anecdotes raccontatigli from the suocero, that it knew the imprisonment in the Second World war.
Egidio Messori was a boy little devout of ventanni years that in 1943 were victim, with million persons, dellorrore and of the nazi madness.
It came in fact interned in the concentration camp of Bezeichnung in the German region of Wohsen where you it remained for two years and means.
  In this prisoner-of-war camp it survived to the impositions of its jailers and had way to observe as some breeds of dogs came used from the slave drivers in specific roles.
Outside from front line of recinzioni, or capacities to the leash from the guards of patrol to the perimeter, saw much Alani, Schnauzer, Dobermann and Rottweiler, these dogs were train to you to chase and to eliminate those prisoners who were survivors to the sharpshooters or allalta tension.
V doubt that was malvagit human the single responsible of the inenarrabili atrocit that they forced innocent persons to choose unimprobabile does not dispel, than as fine and average it had the suicide.
Also the race of the German Dog from Shepherdesses, not sfugg to logic perversa that it saw used in connection roles, like courier between the military commandos, and of surveillance, allinterno of the concentration camps.
Egidio saw mattino a P.T every. to accompany two guards who, at the same time to the alarm clock urlata from the loudspeakers, irrompevano in the shacks.
Once within, to a signal of its trainer, the dog precipitell itself to bite the stinco of the exhausted prisoners who had not been able to raise themselves immediately.
Sfiniti men, to the stregua of mordicchiate indisciplinate sheep to the garretti, with the difference that, in the lager, those who scalciavano the dog in order to remove it came drag to you from the guards outside from the shack hardly, and l assassinated.
Egidio Messori told to generates with commotion of some P.T. assigned to the control of the long rows of prisoners who formed themselves during the distribution of little, schifoso mess.
The dogs covered the rows from head to tail, uninterruptedly, with their infaticabile lengthened trot, and if someone tried, pushed from an exasperated hunger, to receive still food putting itself in row a second time, came immancabilmente recognized from the dog, than at the same time it signaled lindividuazione to the guards.
These persons, sventurate victims dellefficienza of the Dog from Shepherdesses, came once again Barbarian executed from their jailers.

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  Personally I augur myself that these little lines, of sure insufficient to describe faithfully the memories of R-he who have lived them, contribute to maintain ignited the memory of quellimmane tragedy dellumanit.