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(Deutscher Schäferhund)

DEMON of the BLOOMED COURT been born 10-04-03
Owner: Rocchetta maximum "of Bloomed Court"

FCI-Standard N° 166  /   07. 08. 1996  / GB


(Deutscher Schäferhund)

TRANSLATION : Mrs. C. Seidler and Mrs. I. Kincaid.

ORIGIN : Germany.


UTILIZATION : Versatile Utility, Herding, Guard and Service Dog.

CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. :            Group 1  Sheepdogs and Cattle    Dogs                            (except Swiss Mountain and                                                               Cattle Dogs).
                                             Section 1   Sheepdogs.
                                             With working trial.
BRIEF HISTORICAL SUMMARY : According to official resolution, the Association for German Shepherd Dogs (Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde) with seat in Augsburg, as a member of the German Kennel Club (Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen e.V., VDH) and as founding association of the breed, is responsible for the standard of the German Shepherd Dog.  This standard was originally drawn up at the first membership meeting of the Association in Frankfurt/Main, on the 20th September 1899, based on proposals made by A. Meyer and von Stephanitz.  Amendments were made to the standard during the 6th membership meeting on the 28th July 1901, during the 23rd membership meeting in Cologne/Rhine on the 17th September 1909, at the Board of Directors and Advisory Committee meeting in Wiesbaden, Germany, on the 5th September 1930, and at the Board of Directors and Breed Committee meeting on the 25th March 1961.  The standard was revised and adopted by the World Union of German Shepherd Dogs (Weltunion für Deutsche Schäferhunde, WUSV) on the 30th August 1976 and reviewed and catalogued following a resolution of the Board of Directors and Advisory Committee on the 23rd and 24th March 1991.


The German Shepherd Dog, whose planned breeding was begun in the year 1899 after the founding of the Association for German Shepherd Dogs, was originally developed on breeding from then available Central and South German herding dogs with the final aim to create a dog highly suitable for the most demanding utility work.  To achieve this aim, the breed standard of the German Shepherd Dog was developed, emphasizing correct physical structure and particularly a sound temperament and good character.


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GENERAL APPEARANCE : The German Shepherd Dog is of medium size, slightly elongated, strong and well muscled, with dry bone and of firm overall structure.

BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT : The German Shepherd Dog must be even tempered, well balanced (with strong nerves), self assured, totally at ease (except when provoked) and good natured, as well as attentive and easy to train.  He must possess courage, combativity and toughness in order to be suitable as a companion, guard, service, Herding-dog and  « Schutzhund ».

HEAD : The head is wedge shaped and in proportion to body size (length approximately 40% of height at withers) without being coarse or too elongated.  Clean and dry in general appearance, moderately broad between the ears.  The forehead seen from the front and side is only slightly rounded and without any or with only a slightly indicated middle furrow.
The proportion of the cranial region to the facial region is 50 % to 50 %. The width of the cranial region corresponds approximately to the length. Seen from above, the skull is tapering evenly from the ears to the nasal bridge and gradually sloping into the wedge-shaped foreface, with a slanting not too abrupt stop. Upper and lower jaw are strongly developed.  Bridge of nose is straight, any indentation or arch is undesirable. Lips tight, firmly fitted and dark in colour.
Nose : Must be  black.
Teeth : Must be strong and healthy; complete dentition (42 teeth according to the teeth formula). 


The German Shepherd Dog has a scissor bite, i.e. the incisors must fit scissor-like to each other so that the incisors of the upper jaw overlap those of the lower jaw in scissor fashion. Level bite, over-or undershot bite are faults as well as larger spaces between the teeth (gaps).  Equally faulty is straight alignment of the incisors.  The jaw bones must be strongly developed so that the teeth are strongly embedded in the dental arch.
Eyes : Of medium size, almond shaped, set slightly slanting, not protruding.  The eye colour should be as dark as possible.  Light piercing eyes are undesirable since it affects the dog’s expression. 
Ears : The German Shepherd Dog has erect ears of medium size which are carried upright, pointing in the same parallel direction (not inwardly constricted).  They taper to a point and the auricle is open toward the front.  Semi-drop ears or hanging ears are faulty.  Ears carried laid back in movement or in repose are not faulty.

NECK : The neck should be strong, well muscled and not throaty (no dewlap).  Its angulation towards the body (horizontally) is approximately 45°.

BODY : The upper line runs, without any visible break, from the set-on of the neck over the well defined withers and over the back very slightly sloping to the horizontal line, onto the gradually slanting rump. The back is firm, strong and well muscled. The loin is broad, strongly developed and well muscled. The rump should be long, sloping slightly (about 23° to the horizontal) and, without any break in the topline, merge with the tail set-on.

CHEST : Moderately broad, lower chest as long as possible and well developed.  Depth of chest should be 45 to 48% of the height at withers.  Ribs should have moderate spring.  Ribs which are barrel-shaped or too flat are faulty.

TAIL :  Reaches at least to the hock joint, yet not further than the middle of the metatarsus.  It has slightly longer hair on its underside and is carried hanging in a gentle curve.  When the dog is excited or in motion, the tail is raised and carried higher, but not above the horizontal line.  Corrective surgery is forbidden.


FOREQUARTERS : Seen from all sides, the forelegs are straight and, seen from the front, absolutely parallel.  Shoulder blade and upper arm are equal in length, well muscled and firmly attached to the body.  The angle between the shoulder-blade and the upper arm is ideally 90°, but generally up to 110°. 
The elbows must turn neither in nor out, while in repose or moving.  Viewed from all sides, the forearms are straight and absolutely parallel to each other, dry and firmly muscled.  The pastern has a length of approximately 1/3 of the forearm; the angle between them is 20° to 22°.  A weak pastern (angle more than 22°) or a steep pastern (angle less than 20°) affect the dog’s working suitability, especially his endurance.
Forefeet : Rounded, tight with toes well arched; pads firm, but not brittle; nails strong and dark in colour.

HINDQUARTERS : The hindlegs are placed slightly backwards; seen from the rear, they are parallel to each other. Upper and lower thigh are approximately of equal length and form an angle of about 120°.  The thighs are strong and well muscled.  The hock joints  are strong and firm.  The metatarsus stands vertically under the hock joint.
Hind feet : Compact, slightly arched; the pads are hard and dark in colour; the nails are strong, arched and also dark in colour.

GAIT / MOVEMENT  : The German Shepherd Dog is a trotting dog.  The limbs must be so coordinated in length and angulation that, without noticeable alteration of the topline, the rear legs can propel to the body while the forelegs extend to an equal distance.  Any tendency to overangulation of the hindquarters reduces the firmness and endurance, and consequently the working ability.  Correct body proportions and angulations result in a flat over the ground, far reaching, ground covering gait giving the impression of an effortless propulsion.   The head pushed forward and the tail slightly raised result in an even, effortless trot showing a gently curved, uninterrupted upper line from the tips of the ears, over neck and back to the tip of the tail.

SKIN : The skin is (loosely) fitting, but without any folds.


MAKE UP OF THE COAT : The correct coat for the German Shepherd Dog is double coat (Stockhaar) with outercoat and undercoat.  The outercoat should be as dense as possible, straight, harsh and lying close to the body.  On the head, inside ears, on the front side of the legs and on feet and toes, the hair is short; it is slightly longer and more dense on the neck. On the rear side of the legs, the hair is longer extending to the pasterns and the hocks.  It forms moderate « trousers » at the rear of the thighs.

COLOUR : Black with reddish-brown, brown, yellow to light grey markings.  Solid black or solid grey.  Greys with darker shading show a black saddle and mask.  Unobtrusive, small white marks on chest as well as very light colour on insides permissible, but not desirable.  Nose must be black in all colours.  Dogs with lack of mask, light to piercing eye colour, as well as with light to withish markings on the chest and the insides, pale nails and red tip of tail are considered to be lacking in pigmentation.  The undercoat shows a light greyish tone.  The colour white is not accepted.

Dogs :     Height at the withers :   60 to 65 cm.
              Weight :                       30 to 40 kg.
Bitches :  Height at the withers :   55 to 60 cm.
              Weight :                       22 to 32 kg.
The length of the body is approximately 10-17 % longer than the height at the withers.

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree.


- Any departure from the above described breed characteristics which affects the working capability of the dog.
- Faulty ears : Laterally too low set ears, tipped ears, inward          constricted ears. Ears not firm.
- Severe lack of pigmentation.
- Severe lack in general firmness.
- Dental faults : All departures from a scissor bite and the correct teeth formula, if not included in eliminating faults listed below.

- Aggressive or overly shy.
- Weak temperament and nerves, biters.
- Dogs with deformed ears or tail.
- Dogs with malformations.
- Dogs with missing teeth as follows :
     1 premolar 3 plus one additional tooth; or
     1 canine, or
     1 premolar 4, or
     1 molar 1 or 2, or
     a total of 3 or more missing teeth.
- Dogs with faulty jaws, overshot by more than 2 mm, undershot; pincer bite formed by all 12 inscisors.
- Oversized or undersized dogs by more than 1 cm.
- Albinos
-  White coat colour (even with dark eyes and nails).
- Long outercoat (long, soft, not flat lying top coat with undercoat, feathers on ears and legs, bushy « trousers » and bushy tail with plume underneath (Langstockhaar).
- Long coat (long, soft top coat without undercoat, mostly parted in middle of back, feathers on ears, legs and tail (Langhaar).

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B. : Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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The devout ones loved, the devout ones used, devout the famous one.


The majority of the persons, thinking to a race dog, immediately imagines the Lupo Dog, or Shepherdesses German, or Alsacian, or devout simply the Lupo.
Gi the lunico Dog from Shepherdesses German between the dogs that often come called simply lupo, just like the progenitore of all the dogs, escaping and the fascinating wild cousins, for its sure aspect, but also for its regalit and its intelligence.
Also being the P.T. a dog the whose relatively recent selection, its unquestionable world-wide affirmation and from devout decades by far the canine race known and diffused the world.
Its virt is many, the lealt, the courage, the caparbiet, the perspicacity, the versatilit, laffidabilit, these and many winning others qualit are riconducibili to the detached intelligence that characterizes the race.

Ancient traditions

In order to comprise fully lattuale evolution of the race, necessary to know, at least in its essential features, its same origins and the history of the dogs and the men protagonists of this wonderful experience.
From the XVII to XVIII the century
, in agresti atmospheres of the exterminated German plain, the pastorizia it supplied the wool that is devout the important matter before which he could be decided to the ends you weave them.

The dog in the photo of propriet of eva

The sheep formed multitudes of crudes oil, large and small in all the German territory, the shepherds had to guide the ovines of day and proteggerli of night, moving themselves for migliaia of kilometers in the long transumanze.

In the Gerry photo the PT of Jack The Bastard

The enemies of the flock could be of time in time the inselvatichiti ladri, lupi, dogs and once again to coadiuvare the shepherds, in the guard like in the conduction, cerano numerous different dogs also a lot between they, nevertheless great part of the exemplary uses you came from common stocks, probably original of the Balkan region in the geographic area of the Montenegro, the Serbia and the Macedonian.
In these territories in fact a millenarian existed tradition pastorizia, and luomo she used from immemorabili times of dogs of lipoide type, of medium ransom extremely effective in twofold attitude : conduction of the herds and guard to the flock.
And beginning from these two presupposed that svilupper scientifically, to the end dell800, the selection of the shepherdesses German modern.
If we fully comprise this twofold employment of the shepherdesses German to its albori, the qualit will appear us always clear and intelligible morphologic and characterial who belong today to the race like yesterday.


Modern antichi values, Virt.

in the photo the beautifulst Wolf di Valentina Mastellini


We think next to the enormous distances to cover maintaining sailing points medium or disc of a valve, has made that the preferissero shepherds the dogs us that devout of others had one wide and light trot , characteristic this that concurred with these exemplary one great resistance.
Therefore inexact to think that the fixation and the morfo-functional selection of the angles are promotrice dellefficacia of the leggendario trot of the shepherdesses German, true instead the contrary: the study of the skeleton and the understanding of the fulcrums and the levers successive to one, before slow and intuitiva selection of the leggendario lengthened trot of the German dog from shepherdesses, peasant selection realized effectively from its antichi masters.
In the true and own conduction of the flock these dogs delicately bit (for predatorio uninibizione dellistinto) the garretti of the sheep that exited from the formation, and the closing to tenaglia of the less harmful bite rivel for the wool.
Its mantle
with the hair from short to mean, seeds fitre and driven in, it avoided to the dog to entangle itself in the shrubs of the underbrush beyond concurring with the dog to dry up itself enough in a hurry after strong rains; the colors were mostly dark, from the tawny one to the gray to the black one, cos the shepherds immediately characterized the position of the dogs in the movement of the flock.
The medium dimensions
they were privileged for lesigenza of having subjects it equips you to the contempo of agilit and forces, of resistance and dynamism, the dog shepherdesses had to be a dog not too much heavy for the long movements to face, but at the same time of sufficient dimensions to being effective in the guard to the sheep and the same shepherds.
Its character
it had to be balanced and docile between the groups of shepherds, mistrustful and fearless with the strangers, than a lot often in those years ladri or they were malintenzionati.
With the sheep it must have a decided behavior, but delicate, with reactions and it sets in action measured, with the lupi instead had to be aggressive, but without to let to go to sconsiderati and phrenetic attacks, indeed sure coldness would have had to conserve one so as to to coordinate itself to the other dogs in the defense of the flock.
It could not be abandoned to the foga, but it had to calibrate counterattacks without to go away in inseguimenti that a lot probably lavrebbero attracted in lethal ambushes.
It had to finally obey to the buckets commandos of the shepherdesses with times of fastest understanding and reaction.
The dog of the German shepherds executed with dedication and competence close this enormous size of tasks that came to it entrusted, boasting for one caress received to the fire of a bivouac and rinfrancandosi in the physicist and the spirit with meritatissimo the meal, received to the end of the long and laborious day.
Reached the night it could grant always ready short and light sleeps with hearing and olfatto single to pick up the minimum marks them of danger being awake on the men and the sheep, often spacing out the rest with determined patrols of control of own initiative.
Not difficult comprised to intuire to us on that rich premised svilupp, to the sgoccioli of XIX the century the intentional modern selection from the great Von Stephanitz.


The absolute dog, from Von Stephanitz today.

To aim 800 some tens probably existed of "breeds" of dogs from shepherdesses in Germany, even if we do not have to think next to the concept puts into effect them of race, giacch not were true and own morphologic garnishments to follow, of tantomeno one standard recognized.

In the 1889 captain of cavalry Max Von Stephanitz
(in the photo over) aggreg and coordin methodically some breeders who give some years they engaged to improve the lines of blood of the own dogs.
Von Stephanitz fiss the directives of the selection leaving from three main ones breeds of dogs from shepherdesses:
of Turingia (small, sturdy, ear straight, to short hair or long hair, generally gray-focati);
of Wurttenberg (large, strong, falling ear, to short hair or long hair irsuto, generally dark);
of Svevia (devout large of those of the Turingia, but devout light, to devout along and ricciuto, generally tawny or black short hair or hair).
It came cos founded Verein fr deutsche Schferhunde (SV).

Horand von Grafrath
(in the photo over) it was the first dog enrolled in the registries of the race, it was a dog of grndissimo pregio, is morphologically that characterially.
The selection prosegu scrupulously and the new race succeeding obtained in force of numerous virt an immediate one.
But they were just the large ones qualit of the dogs from shepherdesses German to drag the best exemplary in the abyss of the First World war, where, it employs to you in the disparati devout tasks, they were revealed efficient and quite heroic.

Of the rest gi before and at the same time to the Great War, the P.T. they revealed excellent dowries also nellimpiego civil, like dog of search and aid, dog for blind people, and excellent and balanced the guardiano of propriet and brave defender of the person.
Between the two wars the SV prosegu the selection job, introducing in the years the 20 obligatory test of job for lindividuazione of the Sieger.
In the years the forty dog was diffused in all Europe and in the USA, main vehicle of spread in the various countries was the military forces and of police.
In the second world war, "it was recalled" the crews and was forced from the crudelt delluomo to execute also missions suicide and tasks of surveillance allinterno of the lager nazi where they often executed the "dirty job".
They give after the second world war, today the shepherdesses German reconfirmed the canine race for antonomasia, we find it all over the world, ago part of the custom and of the societ, a star of the cinema and the television, the dog policeman for excellence, the employed dog devout also in civil within, counts hundreds of migliaia of gets passionate and hundred to you of breeders who with their hard tutelano job this wonderful race, threatened from traders without dishonest scrupoli, and breeders who take care themselves devout of the profit that of the health of the race.
For this all we, that we love the German Dog from Shepherdesses, and that we wish to acquire the similar faithful of part of our way of life, must for love of the dog, to o single and exclusively from breeders who of dean with passion and competence to the selection, and must of all diffuse this type of attitude.
The P.T. a young race, still "hung" (the genetic characters is not still definitively fixed), some serious pathologies like
dysplasia, or tares like linsellamento, the crushing of the vertebre lumbar, and other.
Connections mistake to you, negligences, disattenzioni and incompetenza between the attache's to the jobs and speak delbreeders, but also of the traders, and in some cases also of veterinaries, they would carry in short to disaggregare the phenotypes puts into effect them, compromising the general health of the race.
Perci anyone chooses , in the often vain attempt to savesome ten of Euro, to acquire puppys, without to assume all the information necessary to centralize of the origin and the genuinit, ago of the evil to the race that it loves.
Who instead vorr to choose a cucciolo coming from from a serious breeding, and an able and prodigal breeder of councils, not potr that living one wonderful friendship.


The S.A.S. (Societ Amatori Schferhunde)

Marchio SAS

The general partnership, consorelle and the protection of the German Dog from Shepherdesses in the world.

The S.A.S. (Societ Amatori Schferhunde) the societ specialized that it aimed to carry out every devout necessary action to guardian, to improve and to value the race of the German dog from Shepherdesses and to develop of to the selection and the breeding.
The S.A.S. an association without scope of lucro, with social center to Modena and present in capillary way on all the national territory, has peripheral organisms uniforms in E regions sections. associated to E.N.C.I. (National Agency of the Italian Cinofilia), of which it observes the norms and the directives, and with which it organizes contests and other manifestations, and to W.U.S.V. (World-wide Union of the Associations of the Shepherdesses German).
The S.A.S. recepisce and carrier of the values makes itself of SV (Verein deutsche), than lomologa societ German.
Questultima for has important devout decisional powers much, being in lunico Germany organism that takes care itself officially of the protection of the Schferhunde, its attivit covers all the aspects that concern the safeguard and the improvement of the race.
The S.V. lunica editor of the official standard of the P.T., its associates are approximately 80.000!!
Lorgano of press of the societ German, the review SV Zeitung it publishes in every number the names of the Shepherdesses German bearers of some serious anomaly whose progenie, even if not manifest obvious morphologic aberrations and/or works them, comes excluded from the official recording.
Not only, the S.V. it has instituted two pedigree for lidentificazione of the Shepherdesses German: one of color rose for the having subjects the licence and one meticulously documented selection, laltro, white man, without licence and with smaller attention to the genealogia to dellesemplare.
The S.A.S. it is born in 1949 , when some get passionate to you estimative of the P.T., between which Conte Roissard Cat and Professor Ignazio Barbers , they constitute to Milan one specialistic Societ for the spreading of the German dog from Shepherdesses.
But only in 1969 that the Societ takes off , thanks above all to its charismatic President: Dottor Walter Gorrieri , that it transfers the social center to Modena and increases the number of associates from 250 to the 6000 of 1981, year of its dipartita one.
13 February 1977 in Modena comes constituted the modern S.A.S officially. with the approval of the Charter in the course of the Assembly of the Associates.


First Rin wax tin tin

In the happened one of the shepherdesses German, determining role has had the dogs engages with the police and those to you with the stellette: every day they are under the eyes of all.
But they have contributed also the heroes of fiction. Above all the premonitory one of Rex commissioner, the mythical Rin Tin Tin, memorable hero of gesta to the flank of Rusty, the boy honorary corporal "of an unit of USA cavalry to Fort Apache. The two companions, with lieutenant Rip Masters, the greater Samson and the OHara petty officer first class (in the photo), gave to life to infinites television film: in years 50 they had a such one happening to suggest of the transposition in comic strips, products in France and designs from the Italians Carl Marcello and Miro to you Missaglia.
Rin Tin Tin in order was not disowned: in the years 20 and 30 various films had narrated the enterprises, in turn for the world, of a man, its grandson and the shepherdesses German Rin Tin Tin

REX Star of the TV

Its indices dascolto provoke Linvidia of the human colleagues but Rex commissioner (canine allanagrafe Reginald von Ravenhorst) not if of d thought: human allanagrafe Tobias Moretti continues imperturbable to carry out on the television screen surveyings to flank of Richard Moser () agent of the Police Austrian, and to resolve the difficult devout cases that captain in those of Vienna.
Black cape and brown, 6 years of ET, 38 chili of weight, zodiacale sign of the Binoculars (the shepherdesses German devout famous of the moment complete the years the june) Reginald. The television film and sees protagonist to it has in Italy happened that from months it does not know struck darresto, and he become object of struck scherzose in other transmissions, inequivocabile sign of reputation.
Wise trained to interpret the part in front of cinema camera from Teresa Ann Miller, addestratrice between the devout ones quoted to Hollywood with allattivo others celebrates dogs from film (Beethoven and Policeman on all fours), Reginald indeed to its comfort on the scene: it opens the door d I house, goes to the store to acquire brioche, door to the master the cellular one when squilla. Its spectacular interpretation devout the jump through one glass window that in scene replaced from caramellato sugar: the remarkable leap and has a sure effect.





INSEPARABLE the president of session S.A.S meets MAURO ZANZI. modene



Largomento, pu to seem before to one, hurried impression, cavilloso and specialistico,
you I can in order to assure that, as often happens, not c less reliable impression of before had...
To say better: I am not a German breeder of Shepherdesses, I cannot define a breeder in orthodox sense, but like the greater part of the readers they are a fan and sure a estimatore of this race that unavoidablly he represents, collective nellimmaginario (the spread of the P.T. and its cultural presence in the modern culture delluomo, demonstrates it), the dog for antonomasia, in order thinks interesting to us to comprise of the selective distance that verr undertaken.
it thinks of having to give space, for how much possible one, to the understanding of some delicate passages that pre are completed in these times, is to level of decisional choices that representative, in breast amatoriale and/or professional albreeders.

We will propose some considerations on not always fluid relationship SAS ENCI, will discuss about passion and of competence, we will point out to a parallel iniquo between SAS and SV, we will recall the scellerata Sirchia law and we will maintain opened this monography to other opinions or ulterior developments.

I want ringraziare Maximum Bocchetta a competent breeder and fan, that I have known questanno allInternazionale of Reggio Emilia and that has introduced to me in logic of the mechanisms in action, having allowed me to comprise of motivations and dynamics.
Perch he?
One, perch far away light years from logical trade them, and perci immediately reliable.
Two, perch from months lend are made me to enter in zucca these problematic ones.
Three, perch write very well and consequently law pleasantly.
It does not remain to me that to augur one to you good and useful reading.

. Andrea Galdiolo







ORIGIN: Germany


Group 1 - Dogs from shepherdesses and bovari

Section 1 - Dogs from flock with job licence

employment: Dog from utilit, dog from shepherdesses and dog of polyvalent service

  Characters generate them

The German Dog from Shepherdesses (PT) of medium ransom, leggermente lengthened, strongly and very muscoloso, with dry skeleton and solid structure



The Height from cm 60 to 65 for the males and from cm 55 to 60 for the females. The length of the log exceeds the measure of the Height of approximately 10-17%.


The PT must be balanced, balance of nerves, sure of s, be unwrapped and (but provocazione) of absolutely good nature. It must be altres alert and docile, for suitable being like dog from accompanyment, guard, from defense, of service and from shepherdesses, it must possess moreover courage, combattivit and tempers.


The head cuneiform and proporzionata to the ransom (length to the incirca of 40% of the Height), without stocky or being too much lengthened, dry in the together and moderately wide one between the orecchie. The forehead, sight is from that of side, it appears only leggermente convex, without or with I furrow median as soon as pointed out. The relationship skull-snout 50:50%. The width of the skull corresponds to the incirca to its length. Sight from the high the head is shrunk regularly towards the cuneiform snout, from the orecchie to the tartufo, with jump nose-facade not a lot emphasized. Jaw and jaw very are developed and strong. The straight nasal cane; undesired one nasal cane lowered or montonina. The labbra they are stiff, combaciano good and they are of dark color.


It must be black.


It must be sturdy, it heals and it completes (42 teeth in conformit to the dental formula). The PT has a set of teeth to scissor, that is I recorded to you of the jaw must combaciare to scissor with those of the jaw. The set of teeth to tenaglia, or that sporgente advancedly or inferiorly to consider itself deifettosa; the same one is worth for the wide interstices between the teeth (distanced position of the teeth). Also defective E' the disposition online straight (to light arc) of I did not record to you. Jaw and jaw must very be developed and sturdy, affinch the teeth are place to you in profondit in the gums.


They are of medium largeness, to almond, oblique and leggermente not sporgenti. The color of the eyes must be devout possible the dark one. The clear, pungente, undesired eye perch alters the expression of the dog.


The PT has orecchie of medium largeness, erected, turned capacities in the same side direction (not inserted), that they finish to point; the pavilions are revolts in ahead. The hanging orecchie and those folded are undesired. The orecchie capacities to GO BACK TO LIST during the movement or in the position of rest are not from considering themselves defective.


The neck must be sturdy, muscoloso and without giogaia. Its inclination regarding the log (that is on the horizontal) corresponds to approximately 45.


The advanced line is developed without appreciable interruptions from the insertion of the neck towards the garrese very found and the back, hardly leggermente tilted regarding the horizontal, until to the rump leggermente tilted. The solid, sturdy and very muscoloso back. The wide, sturdy and very muscoloso kidney. The rump must long and leggermente be tilted (approximately 23 regarding the horizontal) and passes, without interruption of the advanced line, towards the junction of the tail.


The long one must be moderately wide with the possible inferior part devout and very developed. The thoracic height must correspond to the 45-48% of the Height. The ribs must be moderately convex. E' to consider defect is the thorax "to botte" that that plate.


It must arrive at least until the height of the garretto, but not beyond the met of the metatarso. In the inferior part covered from a hair a po' devout along and hanging capacity comes, leggermente folded to arc, while when the excited dog or in motion, the devout tail comes raised capacity, however not beyond the horizontal. The surgical participations corrected are prohibit to you.



Approvals from all sides, the front limbs are straight and, seen from, absolutely parallels. The very adherent bachelor and omero are of equal length and to the log to means of one strongly musculature. The bachelor-humeral angolatura ideally of 90, norm until 110. It is from detention that in motion, the elbows do not have n to be opened to the too much adherent infuori n. Approvals from all sides, the forearms are straight, dry, muscolosi and between of they absolutely parallels. The metacarpo it has one length of approximately 1/3 of that one of the forearm, and forms with this an angle of approximately 20-22. A metacarpo too much tilted (devout of 22) or too much little tilted (less than 20) pregiudica the rendering, in particular way, the resistance.


They are tondeggianti, very sluices and arch to you. The plants of the hard, but not rough foot, the nails are strong and of dark color.


The position of the posterior limbs leggermente rear, while the appiombi, seen they give GO BACK TO LIST, they must be between they parallels, femore and tibia have approximately the same length and form an angle of approximately 120. The strong and very muscolosa thigh. The garretti they are sturdy and solid and the metatarso perpendicular to the garretto.


They are sluices, leggermente arch to you, the plants of the hard foot and dark color. The nails are strong, arch, anch' they of dark color.


The PT a trottatore. The limbs must be harmonize to you between of they, in length and angolature, much to concur that posterior the ports until to the level of the log and the front one grow tall equally wide, without substantial movements of the advanced line. Every tendency to an excessive angolatura of the posterior one, diminishes solidit and the resistance and compromises, consequently, the idoneit to the employment. The correct proportions and angolature concur a spazioso movement and shaving with the land, such to give to the observer the impression of proceeding very fluid and easy. In a calm and uniform trot, with the head protesa in ahead and the tail leggermente raised, pu to observe one elastic advanced line and without interruptions, than leaving from the tip of the orecchie, through the neck and the log, door until to the estremit of the tail.


The adherent and sollevabile skin, but without to form folds.



For the PT the correct hair that hard one with sottopelo. The cover hair must be devout possible driven in, hard and the very adherent one. On the head, in the inner part of the orecchie, on of the limbs, to the feet and the fingers, the hair it must be short, while on the neck a po' devout along and folto. On the posterior part of the limbs, the hair s' allonge respective until to the articulation of the carpo and until the garretto; on the posterior part of the thigh form of moderates "pants to you".


Black with red-tawny, tawny, yellow focature until the clear gray. Black and unicolore gray, with dark devout grey shadings. Black saddleback and mask. They are admitted, but not favorable, small spots white women on the chest, like pure inner parts of the limbs much clear. With every type of color, the tartufo it must be always black. The lack of mask, the eye clearly until pungente, the clear spots until whitish on the chest and in the inner part of the limbs, the clear nail and the tip of the red tail, are signs of insufficient pigmentazione. The sottopelo of tonalit leggermente grey. The color white man not admitted.


Males: Height from 60 to 65 cm - weight from 30 to 40 kg

Females: Height from 55 to 60 cm - weight from 22 to 32 kg


The males must possess two testicoli ones normally develop to you, both situate to you in the scroto completely.


Every shunting line of the points previously lists you to consider defect, whose appraisal would have to correspond exactly to the degree of the same shunting line.

Serious defects

Divergences from the characteristics of the race like described previously that they compromise the idoneit to the employment.

Defects of the orecchie: attacked orecchie too much low; folded orecchie, convergent or weak people.

Important defects of the pigmentazione.

Remarkable lack of solidit general.

Dental defects: all the shunting lines from the set of teeth to scissor and the dental formula, semprech features of defects from disqualification (you do not look at yourself under).

  Defects from disqualification

  • Dogs with character weakness, dogs bite to us, dogs weak people of nerves.

  • Dogs with proven serious dysplasia.

  • Dogs monorchidi or criptorchidi, as also those with evidently diseguali testicoli or atrophy to you.

  • Dogs with deformations of the orecchie and the tail.

  • Dogs with malformations.

  • Dogs with set of teeth defects for the lack of 3 premolar and an other tooth, or of a canine, or 4 premolar, or respective of a 1 molar or 2 molar, or altogether of 3 and devout teeth.

  • Dogs with defects of the jaw: devout 2 enognatismo of or milimeter, prognatismo, set of teeth to tenaglia completes on all recorded to you.

  • Dogs of ransom of 1 cm advanced one to the maximum limit and of 1 cm inferior to the minimal limit.

  • Albinism.

  • Color white man (even if with eyes and dark nails).

  • Long and compact hair (soft long hair, mantle not completely adherent with sottopelo, frange to the orecchie and the limbs, "pants" folti on thighs and tail folta with frange towards the bottom)

  • Long hair (long hair, soft mantle, without sottopelo, often shared on the back, frange to the orecchie, the limbs and on the tail).




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