List of dog breeds



For one greater understanding

Before what to clear : Italian the equiparabile German SV allENCI, manages the race in private shape is from the cartaceo point of view that gives that one proventi:quindi pockets moneies from affiliates to you and on behalf of they it controls puppys and of it manages it certifys and it turns out to you to you .
LENCI manages the cartacea part and the proceeds of all Italian breeders, SAS not specialized other that a societ of race with charter just, that it comes maintained with one own corresponded social quota from associates (c.a 7000 active).
LENCI, obviously, manages List of dog breeds in uniform way in the same way regolamentando them, therefore to decisional level the Puli and the Shepherdesses German have same rights and duties. Without wanting to remove nothing to the others, it is not thought justified this behavior. On the base of this for a long time that several shapes of independence from part of societ of race the specialistic ones have been demanded that have interests of collaboration with foreign Agencies and that they can demonstrate valid and functional qualified statutos.
According to point
:se we estimate the number of holders of affisso that they raise the Shepherdesses German, in Italy, task or creed would have to be gone around between 250 or 300, and estimates the number of verifications dysplasia , to which subject subordinates come assign to you, then, to the selection, par to approximately 3000 verifications, we transport all to the number of German Shepherds enrolled allENCI, every year, par to approximately 24000-25000, jumps allocchio that the numbers hang from the part of one deviance delbreeders action devout to the production of puppys in any case trades them or of insufficient zootecnico value that not to one selection of race .
This translate in values door to one devaluation of the product towards the bottom, forcing lallevatore to the mentioned result dallamico Mauro Zanzi ( you see interview ).
Result? to verify the dogs tatua you with affisso and the dogs tatua you with numeration ENCI.
The third party point introduces, just, like managing this phenomenon. To one your precise question made to Mauro and just "She is engaged to collaborate with who has taken to its cucciolo in the future" the answer be practically inequivocabile "always to disposition".
Us that I want to say reassuming that I do not think valid loperato of unexpected who producer making to couple its female with the dog of the neighbor... cos a lot in order to see what then succeeds... creando those "dogs lupo", than you mentions, with R-bianco.e.nero hair, head from collie, even speronati, much beautiful not to have market and in any case svenduti to the forty days for space lack. I do not find just that lallevatore selection is forced to produce below cost puppys for being able to face a inflazionato market nellintento to recover the necessary sums alla subject own goddesses. I do not think just that the traders speculate on the national production dealing it to stregua of the that dimportazione masking thing like indispensable data landamento of the same market.
This however a great problem difficult to define for entire and passibile of various interpretations, ribadisco are only my conjectures.

I hold for bringing back some rules and you lay out dellallevatore:
we omit the healthy maintenance doctor-nutrizionale of the fattrice, leave from one cucciola svezzata to 45gg and fed with mangime of average qualit 350-400 gr/g for an equal period to approximately 180gg, double sverminazione and complete cycle vaccinazioni. To the 180 days preventive slab for the verification of the dysplasia. The healthy subject (I leave you the destiny of that sick even if solution of selection a single one) comes carried allanno of specific ET with mangime of average qualit 400-460 gg/g. To a year definitive slab of the dysplasia to also and the elbows with search of the DNA.
Beginning phase of training c/o specialistic center: attainment licences, morphologic judgment in official manifestation, test of resistance, tries of selezione(nel case of makes from you the costs of not always realizes comes reduced in how much the necessary time allottenimento of turns out to you pu to be quantified in same modo).La the female to this point in rule with all documents and can couple it with a male to the relative cost to the value of the same one: previewed possibilit pregnant bitch, fertile empty bitch, sterile empty bitch.
Therefore if, if, if, and still if all it goes well it recommences with some other son. We multiply the all for the subject presents nelbreeders and made here: getlteman to raise that "passion".
The Liras mettetele you to brought back how much over, then add to travels in car, engaged days, several dissatisfactions, rages, litigi familiar, and you will have completed the picture.


The situation of the societ specialized SAS resembles allandamento of the government, the charges ambite are for prestige that for interest, every governing then from one its print to the management and this not always comes shared. For this for I suggest to participate you to Venerd the 09/03/04 to the reunion c/o SAS headquarters them of Modena where they will have of the clarifications from part of the CDN the associates.
Us that to me spiace for in greater way that 20 years ago to contests SAS, Seziona them, Regional etc. the participation was much numerous one, is of contenders who of public, the manifestations were a valid stage on one side in order to measure the own subjects with the others and dallaltro side in order to carry linteresse towards a sure type of subject also who had to operate a purchase. To the shoulders lagonismo it was in any case high but wax perhaps devout sportivit and of the factor interests was still in an acceptable phase, hour all marks a step worse, has devout affluence in one extension market that in one official exposure.
All these that seem farneticazioni them you can find hidden between the answers dellamico Zanzi, or around to the tables of the sections.
Clearly that the Shepherdesses German deserve much devout of what today we can offrirgli and perch to Rex gliela pu not not only make oneself.


In the recent reunion of the 09 u.s. kept to Modena c/o the center Walter Gorrieri, to the presence of i, center SAS has cleared some regarding situations centers them (corridor voices spoke about a its possible transfer in other national center) that rimarr to Modena, and has spoken about the suspension dellex problematic Roman president nonch of some inherent ones to the new charter in ottemperanza to dispositions ENCI.
The important things are reassumed substantially in two programs: the first one previews the a lot yearned for differentiation of certifys you of puppys obtained from dogs supplies of the single LOI and of those supplies of selection ; it seems that lENCI the verification of the puppys from race experts has accepted the program concurring.
The second speaks about one new electoral system , for the specialized charges of the societ: the voting could not devout be operated for mail, but andr to the urns in center only and every associate potr to enclose one single delegation. The thing porter senzaltro a reduction of voting in how much the center assumed sar presumablly in the Italy center for to be equidistant from North and South, the costs for of transfer will turn out forbidden you for that the urns diserteranno. To think that every region has a its president and an own regional management, than every region constituted from Sections car managed with own presidents etc...., task that the methods in order to allow the several one associates to you to vote, sure within a center debitamente prepared, but comfortable to "all" are easy individualistic draft only of having a po of good sense.
Spoken also about the Sirchia decree and the future of the breeds from utilit and defense, of their training and how much potr to make oneself in order to verify of the characterial dowries. To such purpose what marks you it one: you have noticed that from september 2003, period in which recommenced the championship of soccer and all the winter manifestations, period in which they have been reopened you debate yourself political, period in which Parmalat it has absorbed linteresse public dellopinione, from that moment the dogs have stopped to bite! Of blow they are becomes to you all good ones and mansueti, the news of aggressions and misfatti, until to that moment allordine of the day, of blow are disappeared. Probably the cold of it has cooled the comprised bollori and the istinti(tutti, dogs, sanit, average, men with dogs, dogs with men).
Lattivit cinofila however continues and the efforts in order to bring back it allantica mere passion alone scevra, even if inconfutabili, economic interests are not little and recall to the memory examples of other analogous situations where for that one works in good faith you who think to manage being seated it on one chair.
In any case I augur how much before seeing the two small in photo to turn in the ring, with just baby to the leash, and like first actors to listen to the judgment of the judge as one listens to the opinion of a father who to the own conscience dovr then to only render account of what it has said.

Bocchetta Maximum

Here under, we publish the letter to the SAS sended from Maximum to the Roman president, published also in n the 123 of the review Shepherdesses German year 2003, with annexed answer of
president, in the letter comes strongly esternata one worry that regards many breeders, which feels itself little protected in their job and they do not see recognized and valued the differences
substantial existing between who it mainly raises and it selects for passion and who above all for lucro.
The not lorrore problem of the gain, like someone, sprovvedutamente pu to obbiettare, but draft to acknowledge the just compensation exclusively in function of the seriet and the capacit of a breeder.

Relation S.A.S.

Saturday 11/01/2003

In the day odierna I have assisted to the reunion for responsibles field breeding and technician indetta dallattuale presidency.
Not re-entering in the cerchia of having straight to the word, in how much single associate breeder but without obligation of "responsabilit" of field, they are allowed to analyze how much to me exposed from the Sig.Presidente Roman and above all to draw of the conclusions based on its explicit answers to formulated questions.
I think senzaltro right congratularmi with Directive lattuale for carried out and operated how much in the triennio.E insindacabile that every individual, group or institution that operate and work in effective way and on the base of it reasons programs to you, independently that these are in linea(impossible) with the ideas of all, must be gratified of the maximum respect for how much of positive has been able to make, and from how much relazionato to us be a lot, and also nelleventualit of errors or inadempienze, store clerks, than always contraddistinguono the human labor; it does not have to forget that only who mistakes only works and the mistakes possible to recognize the just distances to follow.
Right and felt preamble, I would want to subject allattenzione of the Sig.Presidente Roman a large doubt that it harasses to me and that it finds reply from sure situations that, by now, they are one constant in our Societ:
I refer to the dellattuale fact situation of stall in the certification of the puppys of shepherdesses German and in the discordanza with lENCI for that it would want and would have to be the rule demanded from the general partnership.
If I have very understood still up sea as far as the differentiation of it certifys you of the coming from puppys from riproduttori selects to you regarding those not.
On the base of this I think is a large incongruenza between loperato of the Directive one that, if from a part senzaltro it has crushed sullacceleratore of the greater preparation of the dogs, in training, having carried them to a degree of perfection maggiore(clearly online with the directives doltralpe) but with costs it adds them above all greater and rendering nearly the preparation of a allallevatore subject impossible fan, but "not assigned to the jobs", regarding the safeguard, then, of the interests dellallevatore same that do not come secure in some way regarding those who, online with dispositions ENCI, null they must to the own subjects, null they must societ to the SAS, and no rule they must follow in the production of puppys that in any case please the demand for the market, and above all the profane dellacquirente question, with productive costs ridottissimi and for which "the certifyd" speech turns out one formalit tied to the single cucciolate visual verification of the controller dellENCI.
How much exposed a simple and painful ascertainment that for proposes a large dilemma:
to cure the sick one with a lethal drug for the same one, for the effects collaterals undesired, better or worse than to cure it with perhaps "devout drugs" indicates to you then, and less harmful, even devout shrewedly chosen and impiegati(even if with same final result but in long devout times)?
To propose subjects with not estremizzati degrees of preparation, moreover obtainable what also a posteriori, on those preplaces to be confronted with the subjects doltralpe, would allow senzaltro to limit the "translate damages" in costs and without to run the risks of material lost for the road, being given the satisfaction to the breeders gets passionate you to prepare the own subjects in house and of being able to mature "professionally" equal step to the favorable maturation dellENCI with respect to the problem to succitato(nota:allevare it does not want to say also to know to train and viceversa).
In last analysis I only think the super dog produced interesting in the exchanges between breeders professionals,o in any case allinterno of the breeding circuit, with one scarsit of the highest demand regarding the offered effective.
Devout president around to the ring does not breathe laria of the sport passion, has seen the glances balefully, the arguments for futili reasons, the malafede, linevitabile troublesome contestazione but never constructive, he has inasmuch as private the onlookers the lovers of the dog are themselves remove from our manifestations and in their always devout comments you to you depreciation for our methods and what represent.
Mr. Presidente we are considers always devout cagnari and not cinofili, frequently dealing and not producers you DOC, this an evil, above all for the respect that deserves our Shepherdesses German, independently from the size of exercises and the perfection of execution in which it succeeds to make them.
This my reflection leaves the doubt me, on which I would want its opinion, than to perhaps accept the soccer player professional it does not want to say to prohibit or to eliminate delloratorio soccer, from which then not said that disowned talents cannot exit, that it comes practiced do not give the little elect hundreds of but from all those that love also the single one pedato some to the football. Perhaps the S.A.S must demonstrate of being much large and far-sighted one not to have to depend on rules taxes from others, in the respect of dogmas not always above the personal interests, but that in a position to accepting the just maturation of its it affiliates to you, in the respect of necessary the technical times, proposing senzaltro the just roads to cover but adapting themselves also to necessit of all the breeders sportswomen who, not without economic efforts, allow to our large Societ of being devout realt cinofila active the operating one on the national territory.

Brocchetta Maximum

Bloomed All.Della Short

Novellara (King)