FCI-Standard N° 126 / 28. 11. 2003 / GB


ORIGIN : Great Britain.


UTILIZATION :                        Flushing dog.

CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. :      Group         8      Retrievers-Flushing Dogs- Water Dogs.
                                                    Section       2      Flushing Dogs.
                                                    With working trial.


No breeding to signal
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GENERAL APPEARANCE : Symmetrical, compact, not leggy, obviously built for endurance and hard work.  Quick and active mover, displaying plenty of push and drive.

BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT : Very ancient and distinct breed of pure origin.  Strong, merry and very active.  Kindly disposition, not showing aggression or nervousness.


Skull : Of proportionate length, slightly domed.  Well chiselled below eyes. 
Stop : Clearly defined.

Nose : Flesh coloured to dark, nostrils well developed.
Muzzle : Of medium length, straight, fairly square.
Jaws/Teeth : Jaws strong with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaws.
Eyes : Hazel or dark, medium size, neither prominent, nor sunken, not showing haw.
Leathers : Set moderately low and hanging close to cheeks.  Comparatively small and gradually narrowing towards tip and shaped somewhat like a vine leaf.

NECK : Long, muscular, clean in throat, neatly set into sloping shoulders.

BODY : Not long, strong and muscular.  Length of body should be proportionate to length of legs.
Loin : Muscular and slightly arched.  Well coupled.
Chest : Deep brisket, well sprung ribs.

TAILCustomarily docked.
Docked : Well set on and low, never carried above level of back.  Lively in action.
Undocked : Well set on and low, never carried above level of  back.  Lively in action.  Feathered.
In balance with the rest of the dog.


FOREQUARTERS : Forelegs of medium length, straight, well boned.

HINDQUARTERS : Strong and muscular, wide and fully developed.  Hindlegs well boned.
Stifles : Moderately angled, neither turning in nor out.
Second  thighs : Deep.
Hocks : Well let down.

FEET : Round, with thick pads.  Firm and cat-like, not large or spreading.

GAIT / MOVEMENT : Smooth, powerful, ground covering action; driving from rear.


HAIR : Straight or flat, silky texture, dense, never wiry or wavy.  Curly coat highly undesirable.  Forelegs and hindlegs above hocks moderately feathered, ears and tail lightly feathered.

COLOUR : Rich red and white only.

Approximate height :         Dogs                             48 cm (19 ins) at withers.
                                        Females                         46 cm (18 ins) at withers.

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B. : Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

This amended standard will become effective from April 2004.

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The Welsh Springer Spaniel a dog of averages dimension from the compact corporatura and the mantle of   color red dark and white man. The hair straight or leggermente waved, of medium length and with of long the devout forelocks on the tail, legs and the thorax. The rounded off head and the snout are introduced leggermente squared. The orecchie, long and pendants, are frangiate from hair forelocks, like a setter. The eyes are of color nocciola or however dark. The Welsh Springer Spaniel po' devout a po' and small segugio English devout large of Cocker Spaniel.


Welsh Springer Spaniel   a happy dog, allegro, spontaneous and volenteroso. Enough independent E' but in presence of disowned becomes timid and classified. It needs of one good socialization in order to fight its innata shyness. Some exemplary can be protect to you. Welsh Springer Spaniel integrating part of the family must be felt and it must be trained since small to the hunting in order to obtain bonds turns out to you. This dog, especially if accustomed since cucciolo, an optimal companion for the children cohabits very well with other animals and moreover.

  Height and weight:

Height: males 43-48 cm; females 41-46;

Weight:       males 18-20 kg;   females 16-20;

Problems of health:

Welsh Springer Spaniel incline to the dysplasia of the hip. Moreover other problems of health like the epilepsy can be found in determined lines of blood.

Living conditions:

This active dog and needs of a little movement if held in apartment. It would be better if it could have use of than garden, also of medium largeness, where to be able itself to move liberations. This dog adapted well to devout various climates.


Welsh Springer Spaniel a dog much lively one. Of the long walks or the race in flood libert, they will maintain it online and moreover they will make it much happy one. If exercised not enough, this race stretches to become lazy and to fatten easy.


  12 - 15 years


The mantle of the Welsh Springer Spaniel does not demand particular attentions: in fact one brushed daily sufficient for having just the dog in order. Only washed Andr if necessary. E' a lot important to control its orecchie periodically in order to verify the presence of eventual infections due to you adorned to you.


The Welsh Springer developed Spaniel in Wales, probably before the 1300 and its history similar to that one of the English Cocker. Initially the spaniels they came calls Cocker or Cocker to you Spaniel in how much not wax no regular breeding that it selected   these various types of Spaniels and came cos intercross to you between they. Devout late they came distinguished in spaniels from water and spaniels from earth. A clean distinction between the Springer and the English Cocker was had around to 1900. The Welsh Springer Spaniel has the tendency to go away from the field of preferibile hunting and therefore sottoporlo to a serious training to the fulfillment of the sixth month of life. And an optimal dog from hunting. A lot used also for the guard.



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