They come down from the ovines of Asian race or Syrian of the Sanson and just from the stock of Zackei, from which, with the time, it is for the address pursued from the breeders is for the infuence of the atmosphere, two breeds has differed: the Leccese and the Altamurana.
The Leccese race diffused in the Barium provinces, Is drunk a toast, C#lecce, Taranto and Potenza, while the Altamurana race has one presence limited to the foggiano and the province of C#lecce.
The numerical consistency of the Leccese race exceeds the 180,000 heads and the medium dimension, even if exists least breedings of advanced dimensions, is gone around on the 50-100 heads, generally held with breeding shapes semibrado.
The Leccese sheep of medium ransom (65 kg approximately in adult males and 45 in the females), vello the white man in the greater part of the subjects, black in a limited number of heads, and constituted from conical flocks. The head supply of corna spiralate and with profile montonino in the males, acorne and to rectilinear profile in the females. Also in the subjects to vello white man regions exist (sterno-ventral, orecchie and limbs) pigmented.
The weight of Agnelli to the 90 days of approximately 23 kg in males and 19 in the females. The medium production of latte of 80 liters for lactation with one percentage of fat person of approximately 7%. The wool production is gone around in average on the 2-3 kg, employed for the production of mattresses and carpets.
The improvement address stretches to the production of the latte ones also to the ends of an increment of the production pondera them in Agnelli.
As far as the Altamurana race, draft of a devout animal of small ransom, always of vello latte open white man and to attitude anch' it.
The numerical consistency by now in the order less than a thousand than heads and the finalized selective action to the safeguard of the genetic patrimony.


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