Between the animals of zootecnico interest the ovines constitute, with 1,1 billions of heads, the diffused species devout in the world. Between the characteristics that have determined the distribution of this species on immensest territories is from remembering the mild character, the reduced ransom, the good one capacit of use of forages, the possibilit to gain from the several breeding produced, but above all the remarkable one adattabilit to climatic conditions and acclimatizes them much various that estrinsecata with the formation of very many breeds.


The sheep one of the first animals tames to you in Mesolitico (ET of the Stone), together to the goats and endured
after to the dog, approximately 10.000 years ago. The association between dog, sheep and goat to the base of the pastorizia. All this happened in steppes to south of the Mar Caspio, in an area that goes from Turkey end nearly to the north of China. With the domesticazione there was the new creation breeds and their spread. Today the sheep are present, all over the world typical the example of the sheep that the man has carried and extraordinarily diffused in Australia and New Zeland, in one large variet of breeds.

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