The raised Tawny race in our Country represents the "Italian stock" of the Alpine Tawny race or of Schwyz, native of Switzerland centers them, derived from the introduction of Helvetic subjects, Austrians and in part also Bavarians, adapted to our atmospheres and rinsanguato with the stock American Brown Swiss.
The Tawny introduction of the Alpine one in Italy has beginning in XVI the century and, around 1850, the expansion of the race very defined interesting the alpine valleys of the depositor south and man hand spreading in the Po plain where, in the great Lombardic shacks gi latte oriented towards the bovine breeding from, replace local the bovine populations.
With progressing of the agrarian transformation in Italy center-meridional, the Tawny one, in little decades, it is diffused in appennino the Tosco-emiliano, the Abruzzi, the Molise, the Campania, the Puglie, in the Basilicata and the Calabria, placing side by side and replacing the breeds local and finding remarkable possibilit of expansion. In Sardinia, in particular, the Tawny one, introduced in the century slid through the use of tawny Tauruses on the local race, with a decided crossing of substitution have created a remarkable bovine patrimony.
In 1950, with 1.900.000 heads, the Tawny race represented the bovine race from latte devout important of Italy. However its vocation before to the triple one and then to the twofold attitude has made to prefer always devout the Frisona race them, able of clearly advanced productive performances. To Tawny the Alpine one mainly three deficiencies were chargeed: one insufficient precocit; one reduced production to the first delivery and the lack of riproduttori males in a position to transmitting with costanza the lattifera attitude.
However, if on one side the race diminished its consistency in the North Italy, its dowries of rusticit, adaptation to the atmosphere and attitude to the pasture, Tawny diffused the always devout ones in poor and difficult devout atmospheres of the South and the Islands. The rinsanguamento with the stock Brown Swiss has conferred to the race one capacit of adaptation to all the atmospheres and productions qualitatively elevated in answer to adapted technical of breeding. From 1981 in fact, the called race ' Bruna' , abandoning the qualification ' Alpina' to mean its versatilit in the comparisons of all the zootecnici atmospheres.

The versatilit of the race it is evidenced in the fact that, beyond to one elevated production of latte, it possesses one good capacit to the meat production: in the males like heavy year-old calves or vitelloni, in the females with good yields of the vacche to fine career.
The blood contribution Brown Swiss has improved macrocospically the productions to lattiere, without pregiudicare the production of the meat. The meat turns out moreover of qualit advanced: musculature without fat person infiltrations, meat with fine, red color, optimal grain qualit clearly organolettica.


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The selection of the bovines of Tawny race has like objective the production of subjects of good size, stature and weight, of constitution sturdy and corrected conformation, premature for development and produttivit, fecund and long-lived, of good nevrilit, with high attitude to and constant production of latte to high title it of fat person and proteins, in a position to supplying convenient productions of meat, equips you of high power of assimilation for the exploitation of all business forages.
In Italy the Tawny race counts a total patrimony of 813.000 heads, of which 215,000 enrolled to the genealogico Book for a total of 11.400 breedings that join to the selection programs.
In 1995 turned out national the medium production of the 135,467 vacche controlled of: 5.509 kg of latte, fat 3.82%, proteins 3.33%, with abundant proteins of qualit, k-casein BB, of remarkable importance in the yields to the caseificazione. If the best companies are considered, therefore those that have the optimal conditions of breeding, that concur to take advantage of all the potenzialit of the race, the medium productions become: 9.104 kg of latte, proteins 3.45%, fat person 3,81%. An other characteristic that concurs with the race of to be competitive in national the zootecnico panorama the longevit, deriving from a morphologic constitution much solid one that concurs an optimal relationship between capacit producing latte and facilit of management of the animal. Medium the Tawny Italian has 3,32 lactations for vacca; the race to the first place between those numerically meaningful for the aspect places us longevit.
It objects you of selection come caught up through a program of carried out genetic improvement from the national Association of race in tightened collaboration with the 86 provincial offices of the genealogico Book. The genetic appraisal of males and females uses the devout systems of calculation currently advances (the last evolution to you of the Blup Animal Model).

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