50/60 centimeters are high to the garrese and weigh from Kg.20/30 adults the females are leggermente devout small of the male. The unprovided inferior jaw of teeth I recorded to you replaced from a bony callus. The pupille they are rectangular and contrarily to the humans who photographed come with the red eyes, to they come the blue eyes! The blood in the capillaries of the hairnet of the red man of arterial origin therefore, while in the goats of arterial origin therefore. bluastro and for that the eye appears blue once hit from the flash. They are animals gregari, and hierarchical. They live in group and they respect the hierarchy. Before the male, then the dominant female, then devout the young devout females or the maschietti premature and via following. The male usually has the head adorned from a beautiful pair of corna, that he uses like pialletto for scorticare the young plants and nourishing themselves of the corteccia. The female often unprovided some in how much in it is a recessivo character, but when they grow to them are devout court and devout thin and however considered a prestige element. Possessing them a remarkable guarantee of easy life in how much soon will become dominant with all the advantages that derive some.

The reproduction.

Generally they are coupled to met autumn. The male in that period becomes very odoroso for via of hormonal substances secrete together to the urine that is sprayed leans and that probably they induce the females to the ovulation. After 140-days approximately in concomitanza of the spring the small are born, one in the females to primipare, 2 in the others. Rare but not exceptional the triple deliveries. 40 days before the delivery in the female the mammelle begin to swell and some day before lieto the event the female withdraws and travels detached from the group in attended of the moment to give birth. . A sei mesi i piccoli sono svezzati e la femmina pronta per una nuova gravidanza.


No breeding to signal
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. puppys.

. Il peso dei puppys appena nati varia dal chilo al chilo e mezzo. The first hours of life are fundamental in order to learn to recognize the stamp of voice of the mother and its odore. . Questi due legami sono alla base della sopravvivenza del piccolo. . Se non si instaurano non avra' speranze di salvezza. The first days the small are hide to you in a sure place to the place close where they are NATO, then day after always devout day they will be made devout enterprising and they will follow the mother assiduously. Towards the 20/30 days the puppys begin to taste the first blades of grass and pian slowly only latte begin to integrate their feeding made until then maternal. . Vengono allattati fino a 4/6 mesi a seconda delle condizioni climatiche e di salute della madre. The puppys are large giocherelloni jump, they run and they scramble up in continuation and to little weeks of life the maschietti they play to incornarsi or to mount themselves. As the young males grow take the windward on the females in the hierarchical scale and will wait for also to along before taking the place of the dominant male.

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