Vertebrati Type, Class Mammalian , Order Artiodactyls, Bovidi Family , Kind and species Goat hircus (goat)

The domestic goat without doubt one of the first animals that the men primiti to you learned to take advantage of, does not know the date exact in which its taming begins, but laughed them with every probabilit to the 7000-6000 A.C "if not still before, it thinks that drifts from the wild goat, than alive in the regions of the Mediterranean orient them and of the Middle East, Some zoologi assert that the goats of the Clay island are the true representatives of the wild ancestral species, while others think that the goats that they live currently to the wild state in the islands of the Mediterranean they are simply domestic animals, inselvatichiti by now from many centuries, probable that not to never succeed itself in knowing from that part reason,they know many breeds of domestic goat, from the small goats dwaries to the caproni of large ransom, the coloration of the cape, the shape and the never variable length of the corna are how much, a lot that are even variet of goats to four corna, the goats of Angora, original of Turkey, have fine animal hair and setoso, a lot used in the industry you weave them, Generally the goat comes raised for the latte ones and the meat and nicknamed "the vacca just of the poor one", an intelligent, scornful and independent animal, than difficultly ago friendship with the man, Us wants one great patience and much gentility in order to render relative one goat; however it systematically becomes a much affectionate when one knows to take it for its back, For the natural atmosphere dangerous animal from the moment that divora all the vegetation available.

Duration of gestation 135-160 days

Number of small 1 or 2, of I shave 3

Duration of the life 19 years

Variable height and weight second the race

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