Origins: The Senese Town-walls has ancient but still uncertain origins. One of the first testimonies of its existence the nellaffresco effigiata image of the Good Government of Ambrogio Lorenzetti in the Communal Palace of Siena, going back to 1338. Fact that introduced in aerare Senese, had endured one good spread for its characteristics of robustness and easy adattabilit to being raised to the state brado. Until years 50, nearly all the families peasants raised some Town-walls in order then to work of the meats and to make supply of salumi.
In years 50, beginnings lintroduzione of breeds the suine "White women" with predominanza of the "Large White". It was a great revolution, in how much, questultima race, even if not suitable albreeders brado, was devout prolific of the Town-walls, and the animal was ready for the slaughtering after solo 6 months of life, while the development of the Town-walls demands a advanced period to a year. It came then fashionable lincrocio between boar Large White and scrofa of Senese Town-walls, with the production of said pigs "Grays". These conserved lattitudine to the pasture brado, but they were premature in the development. This practical one of permane crossings tuttoggi, and pu very to say that the main reason of the survival of "the Encircled" race. In fact, the reason for which some rare breeders they have maintained Encircled Senesi in relative purity, was just for being able to intercross them with breeds the white women.

Linteresse for the restoration in purity of the Senese Town-walls of these last years. A series of breeders has decided to participate to the reintroduzione of this native race and nearly extinguished. The Tuscany Region, the Province of Siena, LAssociazione of the Senesi Breeders and other Agencies you premail have made a remarkable effort, stimulating also with contributions, lacquisto and the maintenance of the riproduttori, to the aim to catch up a sufficient number of animals action to remove the Senese Town-walls from the list of the species in extinction. The battle in order to still safeguard the race in course, but the hopes to save these splendid animals improve every day.


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Description : The Town-walls a pig of medium ransom, with cute black, setole black little folte, and one characteristic wraps rosata white man (belt rising, for lappunto) that it encircles front thorax, shoulders, garrese and limbs.
The grifo it is introduced devout lengthened and tightened regarding the others breeds of pigs, an adaptation to one peasant style of devout life. . coda con pennacchio di setole in fondo quasi sempre portata senza ricciolatura.
The feeding constituted mostly of tuberi, roots and organic material of the grassy carpet, in order to find these alimony equipped with an organ of the olfatto a lot developed, but at the same time also adapted to the search in melmose zones and the rimescolamento of the earth. The orecchie are of small dimension, directed in ahead and a po low, to cover the eyes from the rovi and the sterpaglie.
the skeletal apparatus:la dimension of boneses, in proportion, nearly the double quantity of that one of raises to you in granquantit, testimony of an adaptation to one enlivened and wild life. The muscular structures introduce tonic, dry and many irrorate.