Sus scrofa Mammalian classification Class, order Artiodactyls, Suidi family
Several dimensions to second of the race
Original geographic distribution of the Old World

. Il pig and the wild boar is the typical representatives of the family of the Suidi. . Il domestic pig drift from the wild boar of Europe (Sus scrofa scrofa) and from that one of Asia (Sus scrofa vittatus) that they were tames to you in Asia then in Europe at first and in recent times they have been also intercrosses to you between they. probable that the taming of the pig has happened when the man, at first nomadic hunter, stable definitively in some zone beginning to practice agriculture. At first the pigs were raise to you for being able some to use the fat person and the meat, but there are antichi proving documents that they were use you also like animals from shooting. In ancient Egypt they were use you in order to strike the grain or in order to sink seeds of frumento in the earth during it seeds it: in fact the hooves of the pigs that treaded on seeds made them to sink in the measure of the profondit demanded for one good germs nation of the grain. . Il pig has bluff body with adiposo abundant pannicolo, large head with large grugno. The limbs are relatively short regarding the small body and eyes. The females give birth also two small numerous times to the year (from eight to twenty). Many breeds of pig exist selected from the man. Between devout the valuable ones they are English (Yorkshire, Hampshire), the French (Limosina), the Germans. In Italy they are diffuse the breeds from Bologna and Neapolitan. Of the pig all are used pressoch the parts of the body: the meats (consumed fresh or after conservation), the fat person, the skin and the setole.

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