ELAPHE GUTTATA - snake of the maize

The elaphe guttata pu to find itself to the natural state in the zone that goes from the United States it centers them to Mexico.
one of the snakes mainly raises to you and reproduced in cattivit for its colored livery, its good nature and its reduced dimensions.

Its English name (corn snake or rat snake) derives from the fact that this elaphe was often found in the antichit in the grain bags and still today the agriculturists raise it in order to limit the damages of the roditori to the harvest.
Its shining colors are a lot and can go from the black one to the red one to the beige to the rose-orange.

ovipara and it places from 5 to 25 eggs.
It catches up the maturit sexual to approximately two years of et.Il period of incubation of eggs of approximately 60 days. In cattivit easy riproducibile if one gives to the animal the corrected climatic conditions and cures.
The generally arboreal or seed-arboreal guttata habitat of the elaphe, these snakes loves to scramble up on cliffs and coppers of tree.

Its maximum varied length from 1 meter and 50 to 1metro and 80.
They are generally active animals during the nocturnal hours, to the dawn and the twilight.
Exemplary of elaphe medium ET of approximately 10 years is guttata that they have caught up the 21 years of ET, but. In guttata nature hardly been born the elaphe nutre of invertebrate small like crickets, amphibians, lucertole small, in order then to pass to adult ET in which nutre of roditori, mammalian small and birds.

Many persons believe that the increase of the rectums them depends on the dimensions of the terrario in which they come accommodates to you, this NOT TRUE, if a terrario tightened the rectums them is used too much to grow the same one and in the greater part of the cases ammaler.
Before acquiring rectums them you always inquire yourselves on the dimensions that to catch up from adult and do not believe who to say to you that that one an exemplary dwarf, still DOES NOT EXIST in commerce "straight them dwaries".

In cattivit the elaphe guttata it would have to eat rats and roditori small (some types of elaphe can eat also fish, but better limit of the quantit).

In a generalized manner it would have to eat prede lives, but in order to avoid eventual damages to the snake caused from the same ones prede better to give to the elaphe prede hardly died.
In case they were wanted to be used prede dept freeze necessary to use integrators for straight them being contained vitamins.
absolutely to avoid to give to the snake pieces of meat of manzo or parts of pollo, the rectums them must eat prede entire, in order to digest part of the hair and boneses, beyond that the interiora.

Occasionally they can be somministrare to elaphe eggs of quail.
It is necessary to make attention also the dimensions of the prede that it is given to the elaphe, if hardly been born it must begin with small topolini rose, during the increase is necessary to adapt the dimension of the rat until arriving to baby rapes.

If somministra to elaphe a preda of too much great dimensions it could rigurgitarla.
Attention not to give food too much to your animal, the elaphi structure longilinea is snakes with one, better fargli to make a little motion in order to burn the calories and the fat people in excess.

The small of elaphe would have to eat approximately every 4/5 days, during the increase dirada the number of times in which the food is offered until arriving to somministrare the adult food to elaphe once every 12/15 days.
necessary to leave to disposition to elaphe one ciotola of cleaned up water, in which drink can, to dip itself and, to times to defecate.
To change to the every water time that dirty or you think it necessary.

Elaphe a snake that does not need of a great space in order to move, in a generalized manner the terrario potr to adapt itself to the increase of the snake, for a small goes well also terrari of medium dimensions (50 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm) and an adult must have a terrario that measures at least 100 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm.
The snakes are animals that exit easy from the terrari, therefore assured to you always that the glasses are very sluices.

Attention that the terrario has always a good aeration, the Aquarius without ventilation holes do not have to be use you.
In the terrario dovr to be present a hiding place and a log of wood where to be able itself to scramble up.
The hiding place pu to be corteccia a quarry, one scato it of rigid plastic or any container that can be washed easy and sopporti the weight of the animal.
The terrario dovr moreover to contain enough solid and very fixed coppers.

Attention if cliffs or structures used predecay, the elaphe muovendosi, could easy make to even franare the structure hurting itself, therefore assured to you that in the terrario all it is very fixed.
Like substrate pu to use itself of the newspaper, to change to every dirty time that, or grassy plastic carpets that are much easy to clean up, or cortecce several that is found in commerce, best to avoid the pine and the cedar that could cause respiratory problems.
In commerce they can be reperire you vary types of sand for the rectums them that they can be used for the elaphi.

You hold always the substrate very cleaned up in order to avoid infections of fungi or bacteria.
The snakes do not need generally of a specific lighting system like the other rectums them, can themselves be used heating neons and lamps to spot, not necessarily with phantoms UV.

If light bulbs are used spot or that catch up high temperatures it must protect the lamp with a net in order to avoid that the snake arrives in directed contact with the incandescent part.
Issuing lamps UVB for snakes exist in commerce also.

The elaphe guttata it has need of one temperature and umidit medium (a 40-50%), in order to maintain this last one to a good level enough to insert under to the bathtub of the heating water of elaphe a tappetino, a cable or one slab.

Or pu also to posizionare the bathtub of the water under to the heating lamp. It must remember itself of rabboccare the water frequently.

An indispensable appropriate temperature in order to maintain a elaphe heals, the temperature acclimatizes them during the day must be around to i 25 C, with a warm area devout around to the 28-30C that it serves the snake in order to digest the preda well.

During the nocturnal hours the temperature would have to be maintained around to the 22-24C. A thermometer in the terrario would be better to monitor the temperatures inserting.
The ideal temperature comes maintained in terrario by means of filament lamps, riscaldatori in ceramics to resistance and slab heating.
Attention always protect filament lamps or spot if they catch up temperatures high.


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:  

Dates to your snake some day in order to become accustomed itself to the new atmosphere before beginning to manipulate it.

It always kindly touches it to you and with fluid movements, never bruschi.
Avoided to touch it in the days succeeded you to the meal and during the dumb one of the skin.
In order to never raise the snake not prendetelo for the neck or the head, the weight of the body could detach the vertebre cervical, therefore you support always the body with the other hand.

Frequent devout pathologies in the animals held in cattivit are due to a wrong maintenance and cures scorrette.
It disturbs devout you attend that they are found are: Dumb imperfect Parasatisms internal Ectoparassitosi (acarus, zecche, etc.) Hurt and abrasions - due to wrong furnishing and morsicature from part of other animals Burns - exposed due to lighting system and resistances digestive Problems - had to temperatures not suitable Diseases of the respiratory ways - above all due to not suitable temperatures Not always easy to determine the sex of one young elaphe, are necessary one hand expert and one appropriate instrument and also cos not always sure.

Elaphe the much sociable one and of good nature, is become accustomed of good degree to the life in cattivit.
With patience and determination instaurer a beautifulst relationship with your animal, remembered to acquire a enough large terrario for permettergli libert of movement.

A last recommendation: fairies much attention to the jolts of temperature in winter, can be much harmful.